Raphael Dawal


My name is Raphael Dawal. I’m from the Philippines and what led me to join connect to learn more in regards to Christianity and its beliefs. I hope to contribute by sharing the questions that I have myself and of those from I what encounter.


Welcome to Connect Raphael! We are glad to have you join and hope you are blessed as you learn and share with fellow believers in Christ. :blush:


Welcome aboard @Raphy1407. It is good to have some one new from the Philippines joining us. It is good to see you here. Please participate as often as you are able as a do believe that there will be answers to your questions. God-bless you and your journey. Merry Christmas.

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Thank you as well. And merry christmas too!

Nice to meet you Raphael!

Welcome @Raphy1407!

I am looking forward to your questions!

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