Hi all. My question is, does everybody who is saved or have repented and given the self over to Christ get raptured, or will some be left behind to continue preaching to safe who is willing during the tribulation. I’m curious cause there is many who will be deceived even those who know of the Bible and can even say is church people. So there would have to be people who knew but never believed and then believe, or people who believe and is strong in their faith would have to stay and continue… Doesnt God also prepare his Children by giving them test of faith and endurance for the coming of the end times. So would make sense that some must stay behind.
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Hello @FPPieterse This is a great question and has multiple perspectives😄 To be honest, I think God sometimes enjoys listening in to the loving discussions on earth about what will happen to His children and the world when His appearance draws nigh, and the multiple thoughts about this climax time in world history. Exciting times are right around the corner! May we be found faithful until our time to depart comes.

But to aid in answering your question…

There are multiple links concerning this topic of discussion; but I want to share one specific link that has helped me in regards to if, when, and how the rapture takes place.

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Thank you got some good answers there. But sounds like all the events that that is prophecied about in the bible is what will happen after the rapture and not before the rapture. Since there is so much of the events happening from the beginning already. It’s like they say the time has always been near from the beginning actually. People have had rejected the word and Jesus from the beginning already and like Paul says in romans 1 how people have given the self to there list and desires has been a thing from the beginning also so its really new. Only things is we are all still given the time to see the truth and repent.
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Hi, @FPPieterse :wave:

1 Corinthians 15:51
Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed,

Paul here was talking/writing to a congregation of believers in Corinth. And he was emphatic here that ALL will be raptured. But this does not preclude that there may be some who will be left behind.

1 Corinthians 10:12
Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.

But here Paul acknowledges there may be some who is/are in the congregation but may not really be sure of his/their standing.

God will not intentionally leave a born again believer behind just so there could be someone to preach on. But among those who will be left behind, there may be some procrastinating believers who will only commit themselves to Christ once they see all the preachings coming true before their eyes. Then it is them that will be preaching among those who have been left behind to suffer in the coming tribulations. This verse specifically applies to them,

Matthew 24:13
But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

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This is a question that we can debate upon forever because there are sincere Christians who hold different views on this issue - the end of the age and where will believers be in relation to the rapture. I am not sure how much you already know about this topic but generally there are two broad views held - pre-tribulation rapture and post-tribulation rapture, based on the 1000-year millenial reign of Christ and timing of the so-called rapture. This is a rabbit hole you can go deeper and deeper into and get confused if one is not careful.

The pre-tribulation rapture is a bit of a modern interpretation which is predominantly the view in North America. In this view believers will be ‘raptured’ secretly before the tribulation and others will be ‘left behind’. This view has spawned a lot of ‘left behind’ movies and books. I personally do not subscribe to this view because it appears to have no direct Biblical mandate but is based on logical deductions from various Biblical passages. However, there are several scholars who hold this view.

The post-tribulation rapture view holds that believers will go through the tribulation and therefore need to prepare themselves for the trouble. This is a more ancient view and I personally find this to have most explanatory power and Biblical basis. Jesus’ parables also clearly indicate the need to be prepared and to watch and pray.

I agree with that. Most churches in countries which have gone through persecution understand this in a deeper manner than those in countries that have not faced significant persecution.

Again, there are those who may disagree with this and explain it away and I respect that.

Hi @tonyabthomas unfortunately not enough to maybe have decent discussion about but apreciate your view on that we will all have to be prepared for the coming trial and tribulation of this world and its like you have said there is some counties in the world that have not endured any real persecution for there faith. Right now in SA I can say that we are still very blessed to be able to practice our faith freely although there isn’t really much people who want to persecute us for it but there is not many believer also, I think i can agree with you that we are being taught and disciplined to be able to endure all things right untill the end of days. Alot of the ending of days that for me goes with the failing away. Wich to me when the speak of the retainer is The Holy spirit that will be taken out is romans 1 when Paul says God will leave us to fall for our own sin full desires after he has given us means of salvation and redemption. And im also paraphrasing, yes alot is currently in process but it will get worse. Once the restrainer is away, because it will almost be like the voice that is telling us from right or wrong will be gone. Thank you very much.
At the end, the same truth still applies and that is to be ready cause nobody knows the time or the hour. And also cant go on the end times happening to get ready cause you can die at anytime