Ravi Zacharias on the coronavirus (Ben Shapiro show)

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Ravi Zacharias was interviewed by Ben Shapiro on how we can respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

Watch it here:

Please do pray for Ravi as he experiences unprecedented pain, especially at night.


On faith and wisdom:

We have to combine our faith and trust in God with wisdom and common sense… trusting God doesn’t mean you are careless in what you do.

What we need to avoid is the two extremes oftentimes that happen. Panic and fear on the one side and a complete indifference on the other side.

On prayer and the coronavirus:

Ben Shapiro asks, “Ravi, what do you think the role of prayer is in situations like this…?”


Prayer is often seen as put the right coin in and you get the right product out. A slot machine answer to everything. That’s not what prayer really is.

Prayer is communion with God. When you think of the prayer, “Heavenly Father, Holy Father, Our Father, Eternal God, Almighty God…”, immediately you recognize you are not sovereign over the affairs of man. It is God who is sovereign.

Prayer is not so much bringing God to our beck-and-call, to align with what we want, as much as it is the process with which our hearts get conditioned to seek his will and come into alignment with what it is that he has for us.

Prayer is really not a control of God as much as it is a surrender to the will of God and the peace that comes in the process.

Anybody who mocks prayer… C.S. Lewis said something like this, he said,

They tell me Lord, that when I pray,
Only one voice is heard;
That I’m dreaming, You’re not there,
This whole thing is absurd.
Maybe they’re right, Lord, Maybe they’re right.
Maybe there’s only one voice that’s heard.
But if there’s only one voice that’s heard,
Lord, it’s not mine, it’s your voice.
I’m not dreaming; you are the dreamer.
And I am your dream.

Discussion question:

How is this crisis changing your prayers?


I’m trying to decide if my prayers have necessarily changed in the face of this crisis. Among other things, I still come to him with all my anxiety and prayers for health and protection for my loved ones. I still pray that the church universal be the body of Christ wherever she is in the world, whatever the political situation.

One thing I had begun to pray recently (before all this really blew up in the west) was for creativity in my relationships. Maybe it’s that, having prayed that, I am now on the lookout for opportunities to be creative (i.e. do something I wouldn’t usually do) and to appreciate and thank God for creativity and collaboration when I see it elsewhere. I have found those encouragements to be a boon when the (inevitable) fear sweeps into my life. :slight_smile:

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