Ravi Zacharias on Transgenderism

In today’s video Ravi addresses transgenderism:

Mark Yarhouse gives three frameworks for dealing with transgenderism:

  1. The Integrity Model – this is where a Christian comes along and wants to provide their view and hold fast to their convictions

  2. The Disability Model – a psychological description provided by the world which has since been done away with

  3. The Diversity Model – This is where we embrace a diversity of views and expressions

Ravi asks the question, “Why isn’t there a fourth model? Call it the Transveristy Model, where the transcendent truth of what is ultimate has to apply to what is present and how you interpret it.”

When God designed our anatomy, He said that we are a temple of the living God. There are restrictions placed on our desires. We are given boundaries by God. We are told what we can and cannot do with our body and our feelings are not brought in to give their opinion.

Whatever our bodies are inclined to, we are given intention before expression. Expression cannot be the guiding light in how we behave. Intention has to be the guiding light by which we go.

Whatever we are battling, we ought to invite Him to live with us.


  1. What do you think of the models offered by Yarhouse?

  2. What do you think of the fourth model offered by Ravi Zacharias?

  3. How should we address those in our churches who struggle with gender dysphoria?