Ravi's influence

I know Ravi Ji is in Heaven with His Savior whom he worshipped and loved with his whole mind, heart and strength but it hurts to know that he is not with us anymore on this earth. The world seems empty. I am sure there are many of his spiritual children like me who were born and raised in different religions. I was raised in a Muslim home and my father was a harsh and hard man. After I came to Christ, I was beaten to the point where I almost died. God rescued me and brought me to Canada where I went to Tyndale Seminary and learnt about Ravi ji. I heard his messages & podcasts etc long after I became a Christian. He helped me understand the meaning of suffering in the darkest days of my life. I consider him my spiritual father. I was hoping to see him in person one day but now it has to be in heaven. In my physical and emotional suffering, separation from my biological family for over two decades, murder of my brother in 2017, death of my mother last year, threatening from my younger sister whom I love so much as recently as last week (all of them are in middle east), I live in Canada. All of this plus my serious and painful health situation, the mocking and insults from my Christian brothers and sisters within the church family, the split in my church over false doctrines that were pushed by some, the hate and despise of some people whom I dearly love because I am a woman pastor, in the middle of my spiritual dryness God always spoke to me through Ravi ji. This is my first post since April 2019. I have had a very rough year. So much pain and suffering I endured but God kept me through all of this. Thank you God for leading me to RZIM.


Rose, I am sorry you have experienced so much pain, and am glad that through it all you felt the love of our Lord and had the encouragement of one such as Ravi to help you through. I pray for you to continue to have strength as you live in victory through Jesus Christ. God bless you sister. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Rose (@roze4jesus), thank you for sharing your heart’s cry here. I am so sorry for all of the pain and trauma you have endured. I don’t know if you remember me, Rose, but I think we took the Core Module together. It sounds like this past year has been a particularly difficult one for you. How can I be praying for you?

I, too, feel like Ravi is my spiritual father. I was always hoping to meet him one day as well, but will have to wait a little longer.

May our loving Father hold you in His arms, Rose and know that we are all here for you (and each other) as well.:heart:


God bless you and help you through this difficult season Rose. He is faithful and His loving kindness never fails. He is El Roi. Ke Akua pū. Aloha.


It’s Jesus who shadowed through Ravi and so will the same Lord shine through in your sufferings. As the word says “thy Maker is thine husband”, God will be with you and from my end I will pray for you and your ministry


My heart is with you.
My love, God’s blessings.

Hang in there, sister!


Wow😯, what a testimony. I pray that God will sustain you and perfect Ur testimony in Jesus’ name🙏. Pls, I will pray for you, but if there is anything in specific you’d want me to include just let me know. Tonight in my home in Nigeria I’ll mention you to the One who gives peace and joy divinely. God bless you ma’am, be strong.


Hi @roze4jesus I am so very sorry to hear about all the pain you have suffered from all of your trials and what you still continue to suffer even now. My heart goes out to you.

This is a safe place to struggle, open up, be yourself and share your hurt. I know because I have seen and experienced it. I joined about a year ago and am thankful for the relationships I have made, what I have learned from all the resources, but mainly what I have witnessed in the way people treat each other on this site. They pray for each other, speak grace and truth in gentleness and love, and walk along side one another. Obviously, this is not a replacement for church, nor does it strive to be. Nevertheless, it is a community of like-minded, yet diverse, brothers and sisters in Christ. This is your community, too, Rose, and I hope you will feel at home here.

How can I pray for you?

Thank you for your post.

Grace and peace,
Mary Beth


Dear Rose:
Your testimony has touched my heart way down in Mississippi. My past was abusive, but not anywhere near the level you describe your past. I am so sorry for the things you go through now. I know Ravi would have said something like, “your past has helped to mold you into what you are today.” It is that statement (perhaps not word for word) that he said on many occasions that helped bring me through.
As to the persecution from your people, it is a sad thing. I want to join you in praying for your family and friends back home. I can’t imagine how this must make you feel, but I know that God is on your side and that you never walk alone!
I’m also sorry for the division you face in your church here. It is sad to watch how the enemy divides and separates us and causes us to fight among ourselves about petty things that really don’t change anything in light of eternity. I admire your courage for accepting God’s calling to be a pastor, regardless of the opposition you face. God will use you! It could be that God would use you to be a light that millions will respond to, as they did with our beloved Ravi.
Thank you for your courage to post this. I know how to pray for you now, and pledge to do so. I will also ask my friends to join in this prayer for you, your life, your ministry and your family that you miss and love so very much. May God bless you.


Roze, I am so sorry that you are having a hard time in so many ways. Please be assured that Ravi equipped this ministry with many well grounded teachers and expositers of the gospel. This work is the Lord’s and He will protect and nourish it so people can be taught, fed, and equipped to grow strong in Him to reach the lost.
Besides the teaching, there are many wonderful books written by Ravi as well as articles on the website by the other men and women of RZIM plus videos. Thankfully, in this age of technology we have access to see these for a long time. Continue to use the website; it has lots of information that will help and encourage you.
Be at Peace, and keep going.


Im so sorry to read about these things you have gone through in your life. My heart truly breaks for you. I began listening to Ravi about 7 years ago and instantly recognized his passion and thorough historical teachings about Christ. I learned so much about history from him. At that time I was recently married and having so many issues both at home and within my family. I never knew my biological father and the step fathers I’ve had never showed or taught me about Christs’ love. Ravi was like the spiritual father I never had in my life. I always admired his honest testimony on suicide because its something I had contemplated in my own life and it gave me a sense of being normal. Ravi’s teachings truly deepened my spiritual relationship with Christ. I commend you for being so bold to stand up within your family and proclaim to follow Christ. Let your light shine bright and always stand firm in your faith regardless of abuse, threats, or mockery. We weren’t promised an easy life but one consisting of trials. Praise God in each trial and let your joy grow greater each time because one day you will share your testimony with others and they will be inspired to continue on in their own spiritual journey of following Christ. I will be praying for you and your family. Please feel free to reach out anytime. I am new here and have only been a part of the RZIM community for about a week but for me to have been logged in today just to come across your post and encourage you means that Christ is still actively working through this people to stay lifted up and strengthened. This is what community is. I understand the emptiness you speak of but now it is our turn to carry the torch Ravi was given and has passed on to each of us. I hope the torch I hold today has brightened your own torch as we continue our walk in the world sharing the love of Christ.


Dear precious child of God, I read this while I was in my car and before I continued to my destination, my heart ached to do a quick reply to let you know that in your sufferings, God places much love and care on you and I know His hand is upon you. I could not even begin to comprehend your pain and suffering and the best I can do is weep for you and to offer comfort in the form of hope that as Christ suffered so too shall we but also we shall reign as well! Our sufferings allow us to have compassion on others and as a pastor, which I am too, you shall be able to have empathy and show Christ’s love to those around you. Please remember, Ravi gave his all so that you will have joy, not sadness in his absence from us. For he is alive in the presence of The Lord. He would want you to carry on with joy in the midst of pain as only a child of God would understand. I believe in you and I trust all those who read your post believe in you too yet more so, we love you as our sister and are praying for your perseverance. Whatever is good. Whatever is lovey …, If there be any virtue. Think on these. Blessings with peace, mercy and Grace.


What a beautiful testimony. I’m soo sorry for what you are going through, but rejoice as our God is with us. He has overcome the world. Heavens have rejoiced in your saving and the many you are contributing to.

I hope this song comforts you as well.

God Bless You. Continue to abide in him and ask for his guidance in your life path.


Thank you so much.

Thank you . Yes I remember. Last year was a painful year but God has been always present in my suffering. Actually I feel God is more closer to me than He was before. Please continue to pray as I lead His church.

Thank you Carolyn. Yes He indeed is.

Thank you Deborah.

Thank you Jae. I appreciate your prayers.

Thank you Alisha

Thank you Edna for the resources. Yes i am aware of the resources being an alumnus of RZIM.