Reaching Muslim actors

Hi, I’m strongly led to spread the gospel to some Muslim actors in my country through Nabeel’s book. Sadly, I’m unable to reach any of them through social media to send msgs about Jesus or even to get their address to send the book? What do I do apart from praying? Praying does tend to tire us out after a while, if we don’t see any encouragement or updates in our efforts.

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I would say to continue to pray and continue to spread the Gospel to those with whom you do come in contact. Paul felt strongly to go places and ended up having to change plans. Yet he continued to pursue those ministry opportunities which were before him. That is so great that you feel called to evangelizing! Especially in an area with such a need.

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Hi Evelyn @evejam74, I am glad you feel passionate to evangelize to the great need that exists. One thing I would say though, evangelizing is best when done with someone you know. If you just lecture at people, all they will do is be defensive and defend their position. The more you get their trust though, you can reach their hearts. There are many Muslims here in USA. You can get to know them, love them and share the gospel here with them. In the meantime though, you can always plan to travel abroad or look for missionaries that go to such countries.

Another thing I would say (my 2 cents) is that it is great when you feel passionate to evangelize but if you are early in your stages of conversion, I would recommend that you continue to learn and widen your knowledge of the bible and the Christian worldview in general. That will get you ready for when the time is right. And always remember God’s timing is the best. Let his will be done, and not yours. Continue to get his guidance, dont not tire out. Pray that he gives you the patience and perspective to understand his will.

I hope this helps.
God Bless You.