Reaching People Through Online Evangelism

(Les) #1

I have been involved in an online evangelism ministry that is through the BGEA for almost 2 years. Though it has been rewarding I find that far too often, people are more interested in ‘quick fixes’ for their lives rather than a relationship with Jesus. If I try to establish a rapport with the individual by asking questions, I seldom get a response. If I share the good news of the gospel with them I may get a response 10% of the time. There have been times when I felt led by the Holy Spirit to write lengthy emails and though I may not get a response I am confident that God’s Word never returns void.
I would like to share with you and email that came into my queue last night.
From a person who identified themselves as, ME: Why am I so burdened with problems and issues I cannot resolve why am I so lonely I have a good heart I’ve lost my kids I’ve lost my puppy and I’ve lost my cats I’ve lost my family what is wrong with me.
Clearly a person that is hurting and needs Jesus in their life. If you were in my place, how would you respond to this individual?
I look forward to reading how others might deal with this person.
Blessings, Les

(Brittany Bowman) #2

Les, it is neat to hear of your heart to reach the lost. I imagine sometimes what the apostles would have done with the internet as a platform, as there are many opportunities for conversation. :smiley: I don’t have an answer and look forward to hearing from others. In general, I’ve found these resources helpful to share, as they encourage the person to keep searching and reading. (I’ve added in a few more as I thought of them.) (you can even recommend specific reading plans for the person)

I wonder if perhaps asking, “Why does your heart know to be discontent with your situation? What gives you evidence there should be more to this life?” with thoughts gleaned from the “Desire Against Materialism” thread may be helpful, too. I’ll be praying your interactions are full of seed-planting.

(Les) #3

Thank you, Brittany! I love your questions and intend on using them. There are just so many that are lost in our world and it seems so oftentimes, Jesus is their last resort. Thank you for your prayers.

(Keldon Scott) #4

I can tell you that you are loved by many. I love you, but more importantly, you are loved by God. God does not see you as wretched, unlovable, or worthless. I don’t either. In fact, God sees you as one he loves who has a purpose. You have intrinsic worth. You have things that he is calling you to be involved in, provide assistance for, and to be blessed by. Please take a moment to listen to a song which may lift your spirits. Please feel free to call me. I hope the balance of your day is filled with joy.

(Brittany Bowman) #5

Would you mind describing your experience with BGEA? From what I’ve read online, it’s a training course for evangelism? Sounds really neat. When I have time, I volunteer with Focus on the Family’s Online Mentor program, where we get assigned social media posts needing an encouraging reply. I’m always interested in learning how other programs work.

(Michel Khater) #6

God bless you brother. Pain and suffering is something difficult to explain to someone in his situation.
I personally would avoid trying to make sense out of it.
The best approach for me is to say:
1- that this is the reality of the world.
2- you are not alone, all the world is suffering (wars, famine, diseases…) each in a different way.
3- This life is short and full of pain.
4- But this is not the end, there is hope in Jesus.

(Kalyan Das) #7

Hi Lhugie,
In our haste to get to people and get them on track with Jesus, I find the we miss what is most important. People in such situations are lonely; their world has fallen apart. They mourn all that they have lost, yet they are blessed, because they will be comforted! We can bring to them, the comfort God offers.
I find, listening to people in similar circumstances is the best starting point, followed by a simple prayer of comfort, both repeated regularly, as often as the person will allow contact. It takes time, but we cannot hurry what God wants done. Asking them how we can help, opens doors.
The Holy Spirit takes over, and does what God wants done.
Thank you for sharing so openly, the angst of one person, who mirrors the pain of soooo many!
Blessings and peace!

(Les) #8

Hi Brittany; I got involved in Search for Jesus (SFJ) through the BGEA about 2 years ago. There is an application process followed by a background check and interviews of people who can verify you’re not some kook. Somehow, I made it through! There are two options; email coach or chat coach. I chose the email coach because I do enjoy writing and felt it would suit me best. The training was about 2 weeks long and it is designed to help you engage those who are searching. The way SFJ works is: when people google for answers to life’s problems, etc.they are directed to On this website they hear the gospel and why all of us are in need of a Savior. Those that aren’t ready to surrender to Jesus have the option of asking questions. This is where SFJ becomes involved. Their questions are sent to the SFJ website and there are about 200 people like me in the US and other parts of the world that are available to respond. Questions go into a queue and when I’m logged on, I just pull down a question. It has been quite rewarding and though there are some that think God is a genie in a bottle, I still have the opportunity to share the truth with them and I am always aware that God’s Word never returns void.
I hope this explains it satisfactorily for you. Have an amazing weekend and may God continue to richly bless you.


(Les) #9

Thanks Kalyan; you are so right, there are so many people that are hurting and they’re searching, but unfortunately, too often that search leads them to drugs, alcohol, sex, etc. As an email coach on Search for Jesus for 2 years and there are so many like the email I shared. My prayer is that these people will see that there is hope in Jesus, there is love in Jesus and there is peace in Jesus.

Blessings, Les

(Lorna Abwonji) #10

@Lhugie thank you for sharing. I vounteer with GMO [Global Media Outreach] and they reach people via their site Godlife and yes your story sounds all too familiar. its true most people want quick fixes and I have noted especially with my contacts from West Africa where alot of the churches seem to teach the prosperity theology and the fact that if things are going wrong in their life that its cause of an attack from someone [witchcraft] or they have done something wrong etc,

I also try and build relationships with my contacts and try to establish why they think certain things. The training we get is GMO is always to redirect back to the Word. And there are also so many cases of people asking for cash [most of those are the ones that do not write back when they realize I am an African like them] Though sometimes sharing that I am an African has given some of them hope, cause I share my testimony and tell them of some of the things God has done in my life.

I have also had to apply tough love at times and other times I just reassure them of the love of Christ and that we live in a fallen world and God is still in control, He cares, He will never leave nor forsake us no matter how things may look. Also that no situation lasts forever, God makes a way and there is a reason He allows certain things and the fact that sometimes the enemy will go on overtime to discourage us so we do not focus on what Go wants us to do.

I always insist in the person going into God’s Word at that time especially the psalms.

It is not a formula it is actually what I did so I just share what I did and I always seek God to guide me on what to say cause in the end He knows best how to reach the person.

Hope i have helped. :blush::blush::blush::blush:

(Sven Janssens) #11

I know what you are talking about concerning quick fixes, but that doesn’t work. It is like some spiritual drug. It gets you up and after a while you go down like a rock. Then again need for another quick fix shot … up for a while … and … :slight_smile: You get the drift.
I’m not pro. :slight_smile:

It is obvious this man is hurting and doubts himself.
a) pray for him in your inner room
b) listen to him
God takes time with us aswell and does not force us into anything. (although He can be very convincing)
c) listen even more and be patient.
d) comfort him, but do not leave Jesus - God out of it. Show him love through your faith. That means, unconditional.
e) make sure you get some time to pray with him.
f) stay available to listen to him, comfort him, guide him - and be guided by the Holy Spirit.
g) kinda of the first thing to do is - flush all structured thinking about how to help someone inside plans and registers and time frames. Be there for him, the way Jesus is there for us.

It is just an idea. I work with people a lot and everyone is different and we need to be very VERY sensitive for the Holy Spirit in order to reach out to these kind of people. God needs your voice, your hands, your ears and everything you have available and more.
God will also use these specific situations to shape you and teach you. Don’t worry, because He knows you and will guide you and correct you, while He will protect the other party from being hurt. :slight_smile:

When helping people I have no rules and although I gave you a list, it doesn’t mean a thing. If God gives you one word to share with this person - Share it - and it will change his entire life.

I hope you can work with this and that you’ll be blessed.
Bless you in your ministry. Your devotion.
:slight_smile: with love

(Les) #12

Hi Lorna; great to read your words of wisdom. It sounds as though God is using you in a powerful way and though we may not see the end result, we can be confident that God’s Word will not return void.
Blessings, Les

(Lorna Abwonji) #13

@Lhugie thank you for your kind words. I can say its all just God, cause its certainly not something I do on my own and you are also doing a fantastic job. Its not easy at times.
And yes indeed God’s Word will not return void
Blessings Lorna

(Matthew Mingus) #14

Les, I am glad to hear of the work that you are doing and I think it is wonderful that you are working to help people. I certainly understand what you mean when you are talking about those who are just looking for a quick fix. There are many who believe that God is only working in their lives when they feel good. If they are not happy and euphoric, they believe that they must have fallen from God or that He is angry with them. There were some who felt this way about God in the book of Job. They said that Job was being punished for his evil and that he should repent. In the end of the book, however, God rebukes these people and tells them that they have spoken wrongly about Him.
Suffering is a question that challenges us all at times in our lives. On one hand it seems that we must have done something to deserve the things that happen to us, and on the other we want to ask God why He would allow us to suffer. But in the end, both of these avenues of thought are incorrect.
Suffering gives no indication to us of our standing with God. Christians suffer every day and being a Christian does not apply a protective barrier to us in any way. Even Jesus Christ suffered greatly in His time here on earth. The truth of it is that we have not been promised a life free of suffering if we follow Him, but we have been promised an eternity that is free of suffering.
It is natural for us to start questioning whether we have done something wrong, or if we deserve to suffer in such horrible ways, but the truth is much simpler. We live in a fallen world that is marred and groans with the effects of sin. One day God will come and change all of that for good, but for now it is the world we must exist in. In this world we will suffer, no matter how good or bad we are. But it is only through a relationship with Christ that we can grow and apply purpose to our pain.
C.S. Lewis said that in our pleasures God whispers to us, in our conscience He talks to us, and in our pain He shouts to us. It is not that we have done something wrong to deserve it, or that God is trying to hurt us, but in those times He shows Himself to us. In this blessed country that we live in, it can be easy to think that happiness is the result of being right with God. The truth is that salvation and the hope of an eternity with our savior is the result of being right with Him, but we still have to make it through this life first. When pain comes we should not ask why it is happening to us, but we should ask what purpose it holds for us.
I hope that this will help. I could talk about this subject for hours and hours, and pages, and pages and still not manage to provide an answer that covers everything and everyone. I would highly recommend that this person read the book of Job and also the book “Where is God When It Hurts” by Philip Yancey. These are both excellent resources on the subject of suffering. I hope that you can reach this person and I hope that what I have said will help. God bless you and thank you.

Matthew Mingus