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Reading Habits

What’s up y’all,
I’ve been trying to consistently get into reading more literature but I’m finding it really hard to sit down and just read.

Also sometimes I read thru a chapter and then I forget what I read. Any good ways of comprehension? I’m always amazed at how Ravi Zacharias would quote texts from thin air even in his older age.

Any recommendations help.


Hey! The most helpful reading habit for me lately has been to follow along with the RZIM Podcast Cover to Cover. @Shawn_Hart and @Ivy_Tyson host it where they go through books one chapter at a time from cover to cover (I’m pretty sure that is a direct quote from the intro haha).
They pick AWESOME books and you can read one chapter every week, then listen to the discussion that takes place on this podcast. I have found some great resources through this podcast, and you can continue the conversation right here on Connect with fellow listeners.
It also keeps you on track.
The first few books were Saving Truth by Abdu Murray and Seven Myths About Singleness by Sam Alberry, with the current book being Jesus Among Secular Gods by Ravi and Vince.
I hope you join us to read and discuss new ideas!!


thanks i’ll definitely check it out.

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Hi Nathan,

I’m always glad to meet a fellow reader in training. :slight_smile:

  1. I find I want to read more when I’m reading the right book at the right time. Some amazing and wonderful books took my years to read because I simply wasn’t in the right mood/ head space/ time to really delve into them.

  2. Rereading and Commonplace book: The main way I retain books quotes or lovely passages is by rereading over and over again.There are a couple books I read every single year because they help fuel my drive for learning and the Lord. Also, just recently I started a Commonplace book which has one purpose; to hold all my favorite quotes in it from the Bible, fiction…anything! Here I write down thoughts, phrases or things I heard that I love and want to remember. Then I can simply turn to those precise quotes whenever I need them.

If you would like any book recommendations from one teen to another, let me know. I love reading and have many old friends I would be happy to pass on.

Hope this helps and good luck on your reading!



@nathan I am such a slow reader, so I commiserate with your question! I read way less than I want to :wink: One thing that helped me to read more was when I realized how much time I was spending on Youtube / Netflix before I went to sleep. I began leaving my phone and lap top outside of my bedroom and only reading before going to sleep each night. That one small decision has helped a lot! It also helps to realize that seeking the wisdom and knowledge of God is an act of worship, and it is way more refreshing to my soul than screen time. See Proverbs 3:13-24. Happy reading!


Hey Nathan, I have been working on reading more. I definitely have been able to learn from speakers on you tube, but I know too much screen time is harmful. Thanks for posting this topic! I encourage you to find a book that is beneficial to you. Take time to understand what you read. I wish I was a faster reader, but it is better to read, understand, and learn from one book than to check three books off your reading list and not be benefited by them. There are lots of books out there. There are lots of authors with different opinions. Pray and ask God to give you wisdom to know the truth as you read from people. Set achievable reading goals, and be encouraged. It takes a lots less discipline to watch a speaker on you tube than it does to read a book, but I believe reading is extremely important. Thanks for posting this topic. Let’s not do away with books in this age of technology. :smiley:

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One more thing Nathan- when you read a book, try to find the one thing you will take away from it and apply to your life, whether that is one thing for each chapter or just one thing for the entire book.

It is hard to believe you are a slow reader @xandra
Glad to note I am not alone😂
Very practical steps there, thank you


Thanks so much for listening and engaging with the content, @Sgpage! I think you nailed the intro. :smile: It is such an encouragement to hear from people who listen because it is a really strange process to go into a quiet room and record a conversation without any feedback. Every book we have gone through has been so helpful for me. I hope it continues to prove helpful to you too.


@Sgpage, you sound like @Ivy_Tyson! “What is your one thing?” :slight_smile:

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I say so many things that are actually Ivy quotes :joy: