Reading the OT and NT as a lock and key

(Jimmy Sellers) #1

If one is a lock and the other a key which one is which for you? Why?

(SeanO) #2

@Jimmy_Sellers That is a very intriguing question.

I think it could go both ways.

The OT is the key to understanding Jesus’ - the prophecies of THE prophet / priest / king - Jesus as obedient Son of God Israel was not and as the fulfillment of the promise to Adam / Eve of a serpent smasher.

The NT is the key to understanding God - who has been revealed most fully in Christ - and God’s plans for this age of the world - as well as the meaning of the OT prophecies.

(Dave Kenny) #3

oh dear… challenging… but fun

I suppose if I had to pick one (given that all analogies are imperfect), I would suggest that the mystery of faith revealed in the NT is incomprehensible without the establishment of that mystery in the OT in the first place…

so I guess I would say that the NT is the lock… and the key to unlocking the mystery is in the OT… but I might even go more extreme! I might be so bold as to suggest that the key is Deuteronomy to the lock which is the sum of the other 65 books… a safer position would be to state that the pentateuch is the key to the remaining 61 books…

But… I totally accept that interpretation corrections flow in both directions (Epistles and Pesher interpretations from Jesus and the Apostles as interpretive lenses… that sort of thing…)

An analogy that I like to use (also imperfect) is that the Bible is like 66 wells each dipping into their respective pools of water, all being fed by a single aquifer (submerged body of water)… every time you dip the bucket into the well, you get something fresh/new. Each pool of water has its unique properties (given the surrounding earth/minerals etc… that it is sitting in) but there are overwhelming, dominant properties of all the water that is a result of a common aquifer as the source.

The well will never stop giving water! Just keep dipping!


(Jimmy Sellers) #4

@SeanO and @Dave_Kenny:
Thanks for the comments. As you both know there is no correct answer but from my personnel studies the NT was the key to the OT until I finally came to grips with the fact that the NT really did not make an sense beyond what I understood of the need to be saved. It finally dawned on me that there was no NT in the early church. Any and all scripture references that we read in the NT today where from what we would today call the OT. So, for me today the key is the OT and lock was the NT.

(Dave Kenny) #5

Hi @Jimmy_Sellers

In support of what you just mentioned, most of the Messianic community does not refer to the NT as the NT at all, but rather as the Apostolic Witness

Naturally, they would not support a discontinuity between the testaments and would still support the Apostolic witness as both Scripture and authoritative