Hello Everyone,

I live on a farm in rural Southwestern Ontario, Canada. I was first introduced to Ravi Zacharias’s talks during my undergraduate degree and I am still hooked 10 years later!

I am incredibly thrilled at the prospect of becoming part of a global community of Christians who desire to grow in Christ and share Him with others. I’m excited to engage in meaningful discussions here as well as connect with people all over the world! I encounter people of differing worldviews every day and I have a strong desire to be able to share with them the sublime truth of the gospel in an effective way. I hope my discussions with all of you will help me with that!


Hello Miss Reanna!

Welcome Reanna,
Help someone not familiar with Canada. Southwest Ontario, is that an area north of Minnesota? I imagine that to be a beautiful part of God’s creation. Welcome. Glad you are apart of the community.

Welcome aboard @rkruisselbrink5. Love your desire to share as you have indicated. I started about 10 years too. Hasn’t it been a great journey? God-bless your learning and sharing. I look forward to reading your posts.

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Hi @rkruisselbrink5, welcome to connect :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you for such an inspiring introduction. I trust you will find this a friendly environment with a plethora of meaningful discussions. Enjoy browsing and feel free to engage :pray:t3:


You are Welcome @rkruisselbrink5

It is a great blessing to have you join Connect.
All the best

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Thank you all for your lovely responses.

Daren, I actually live east and a little South from Minnesota - directly East from Michigan actually. And yes, it’s beautiful!
I hope that helps!!