Hello, I’m Rebeca from Romania.


@saralipovan Nice to meet you!

Hello Rebecca, welcome to the world of RZIM connect. I am from WV USA in the Appalachian Mountains. Connect is a wonderful, caring, and loving forum to engage with fellow like minded believers. May you find everything and then some more to help you evangelize outside to your friends and family. Be safe and blessed.


Welcome Rebeca @saralipovan. Glad you are here. Feel at home. Look forward to chatting with you. RZIM CONNECT is great.

God Bless You.

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Hi Rebeca!

Welcome to Connect!

I hope you’ll have a wonderful experience here! :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard @saralipovan. So good to have you joining us from Romania. Let us get to know you a little bit. How did you hear about Connect? And, what do you hope to discuss or ask questions about? Or are you just looking to peruse the discussions. All of that is OK. We’re just glad that you are here. I hope this is a site where you get involved and enjoy the discussions and deepen your faith. God-bless you and your journey.

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