Rebekah D

Hi friends!

Rebekah Diaddigo here.

I am a twenty-something professional ballet dancer based in Atlanta GA.

I’ve been “lurking” in Connect for about a year; reading and gleaning but I’m ready to start participating in the conversation. I’m excited to learn from everyone and gain more practice in answering the questioner with gentleness and respect that I might be better equipped to point people to Jesus in my everyday personal interactions.

looking forward to dialoguing with you all! :slight_smile:


Hi @RebekahD,

We’re honored to have you involved in Connect! I am excited to see your posts in the community!


Hi Rebekah, welcome and thank you for sharing your intro. The time you had looking around what did you find the most crucial thing in making your decision to become more actively involved. Please share your responce but I know already I for one look forward to your insights. God bless and may I encourage you to share a testimony when you are comfortable.


Welcome to connect @RebekahD. Thank you for lurking around long enough to want to participate :slight_smile: We are glad that you have a desire to engage in discussions. I like your approach for gentleness and kindness. I hope that spirit will be offered to a new member who is just joining who may need a little encouragement or somebody that you are led in particular to help guide or just care about. That is what connect is here for. We’re glad you are here. God-bless you and your journey.


Thank you so much for the warm welcome, @Keldon_Scott! I echo your prayers, may the Lord use me to point others back to Him. Looking forward to engaging more with everyone.

@mgaplus4, thank you for the welcome! After taking the Academy Core Module, I experienced the benefit of dialoguing with community who are actively seeking to know God better through apologetics. I love how the online platform allows us to interact with people who might not be in our normal sphere and to hear a diverse range of ideas. I’ve decided to jump into Connect at the recommendation of my Academy moderator. What sort of testimony are you curious about?

Thanks @CarsonWeitnauer! Grateful for your leadership and organization throughout Connect!


@RebekahD, perhaps about your journey to faith in Christ, maybe how your time surfing connect has helped you in any way. Many love to read encouraging stories of how God moves in peoples lives in their unique way of seeing Jesus. An opportunity to share and bring joy to your new friends and family. Your choice will bless us all for sure. Be safe


After reading your post I’m so encouraged by your humility and wisdom. I think it is so neat how you were reading and learning from others. Christ is good!


Hi @mgaplus4!

Thanks for the encouragement!

My parents were amazing in pointing my siblings (3 younger brothers) and I to Jesus. I would say that I understood the gospel fairly young. But Jesus became really real to me when I was 11 and my uncle died unexpectedly then my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and passed away within a year of my uncle. During that time Jesus showed me that He was the only thing that would for sure be constant in my life and I began to surrender and trust more. Since then, He’s guided my path with clarity (I didn’t always want to be a professional ballet dancer but He made that clear when I Was 16) and given me purpose. I am so grateful for God’s faithful hand throughout my 28 years and I want to continue to run this race with endurance.


Thanks so much @Grac! Looking forward to learning alongside you.

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