Recognizing a Biased Witness or a Biased Jury, Part 1

In this week’s episode Abdu Murray gives wisdom on assessing a claim. We often look at the testimonies of witnesses, including experts, but how can we tell if a witness is being biased toward one side or the other? And what about jurors—those whose responsibilities it is to come to a verdict? Can they be biased as well? Abdu will walk us through how to think about these issues. As we look at the claims and objections regarding spiritual claims, we have to be on the lookout not only for the biased witnesses, but also our own biases.

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I think it’s a refreshing concept that each of us should own our title as “trier of fact” when assessing information given to us. It’s so easy to get “dazzled by a person’s pedigree” as Abdu states while forgetting that we ultimately have privilege to evaluate what information influences our opinions.

Do we sometimes give too much weight to someone’s opinion just because they happen to have expertise in a certain area?

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