Recommendations for Christian Sunday Worship in Tokyo

Hello friends! I’ll be visiting Tokyo this January 26th and would like to seek your recommendations on a Sunday morning English worship service church? Do we have RZIM affiliate churches we can visit? I will be coming with some friends who are still new in the Christian faith and they have agreed to join me on this service.

Much appreciated!

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Hello, @aprilocampo! I, for one, am very unfamiliar with that part of the world, but I wonder if @Yutaro, @andrew.bulin or any of the the @JapanApologeticsTeam could suggest a place for you to worship? :slight_smile:

I hope your travels go well!

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Hey @aprilocampo,

I’ll ask some of my friends who have international missions relations in Tokyo and follow up with you. @Yutaro -san, are you familiar with any specific churches?

How long will you be in Tokyo, and what brings you here to Japan?

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Thanks Kathleen! I appreciate this!

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Hey Andrew! I’m watching Queen concert in Saitama on the 25th but will also be touring for a week until 29th. It will be my first time in Tokyo and I’m really excited to check out at least a Sunday service if I won’t be chancing upon any RZIM events. Thanks very much!

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Oh how fun!!
Eat and experience as much as you can! It should be a great experience. :slight_smile:

I like to recommend the Shibuya area of west Tokyo if you’re there on a Sunday. Depending on the weather, something uniquely Japan is the Rockabillies dancing in Yoyogi park on Sunday. They are quite fun to watch and are very passionate about their style!

Bordering the north of the park is the Meiji Jingu Shrine, which is also uniquely Japan. In this area, you have the city bustle and Kawaii (cute) culture of modern Japan nearby on Takeshita street to the east (also fun to see), the Rockabillies right next to it on the west in the park, and then right next to the park just north is the huge, quiet, serene shrine where city sounds begin to melt away and you are surrounded by ancient culture and forest. It’s one of my favorite places to visit.

Also, if you get a chance, consider seeing some other prefectures and some of the surrounding rural areas for an interesting contrast from Tokyo’s high-paced life.


Hi April, welcome to Japan!
I have some friends from Tokyo Baptist Church and their service is in English.
The church is located in Shibuya, a central part of Tokyo and you can check the website from the link below.

Have a blessed trip!


Thank you Yutaro! I’ve shown my friend Tokyo Baptist Church and have included it in our Sunday morning itinerary. Looking forward to the service on the 26th!
God bless you more.