Recommendations for new believer Bible study

Recently made a new friend who just gave her life to Jesus and has no church background or Nible knowledge. Any recommendations for her for a new believers Bible study?


:raised_hands:Hi Teri, praise God for your friend! As a relatively new believer myself, the ESV study Bible has been a tremendous resource as I can quickly go through notes and references as I read the text, plus it gives historical, cultural and other context influences for each book, among other features that I like.
It may depend on the study style of your friend too, and there are many great resources, this has been my #1 choice for me!
Another resource that comes to mind is the book “Women of the Word” by Jen Wilkin, which is a great book on approaches to reading, memorizing, learning, interpreting and praying with Scripture. I’ve done a study with my previous church women’s ministry group on this book and was very helpful.


Hi Indra, I appreciate your suggestions and thank you for the insight on the ESV especially. I would probably like that as well.
Be blessed.


Hi @Ter what a very important question you raised. It brings me back 10 years ago when an American missionary in Viet Nam discipled me. I will never forget that and will always be in debt to him and his family. He used to bring me to his house once a week for dinner and to study the Bible. By far the thing that impacted me the most was watching him with his family as they prayed and ate together. Allowing me to spend time with him was the most valuable thing he did.

As far as the Bible is concerned though I would recommend beginning with the Gospel of Luke to start reading together.

You may also consider studying a theme throughout the bible. The kingdom, for example, studying this from Genesis to Revelation has been one of the best studies I have ever done.

Another approach that is done by a ministry I greatly respect is the following discipleship course:
Week 1 - Orientation
Week 2 - Worship and hearing God’s voice
Week 3 - Nature and the character of God
Week 4 - Clean conscience
Week 5 - Fear of the Lord
Week 6 - Worldview
Week 7 - Family of origin
Week 8 - Spiritual warfare
Week 9 - Laying down rights
Week 10 - Destiny by design
Week 11 - Evangelism
Week 12 - Mission

I hope this helps. What a blessing you are to this young lady :raised_hands:

Romans was what my pastor recommended me when I accepted the Lord; a good book to understand the miracle of the new birth that just happened in her life and also for the Christian Life. The gospel of Mark is also a good book for discipleship. On top of that why not encourage her too to read Psalms on her own. Prayers :slight_smile: )

Bible Study Fellowship! It is an international, dondenominational bible study that is great for all levels. It has a four-fold approach. First you get alone with scripture with a page of questions to answer, just a few a day, no commentaries or out side help, jsut you and the Bible. Next you discuss what you learned in a small group. Then you go to a lecture where a teaching leader gives a talk on the same material, incorporating commentaries and outside sources. Then you get written notes on that lecture to read. So you get the material deep. And the small group leader keeps the discussion on track and he or she shepherds you throughout your 30 weeks together. There are ten lessons now, which get you throughout the Bible.
I love it. Have been in it for over twenty years and have been a leader for almost twenty. I see lives change all the time. And I can visit a class almost anywhere I go when a class is in session because everyone is in the same week of the study. Except northern and southern hemispheres are on opposite schedules, like schools.

Thank you so much for your response. What a beautiful story of this family bringing into their home. You help me recognize, for a new believer, the fellowship with Christ at the center is likely more important than the Bible study. Do you remember who offer the 12 week study?
Thank you again

This sound great, I will definitely look into this. I appreciate your response, be blessed.

These are good suggestions, I love the book of Romans, well, I love them all. (maybe except numbers, lol) thank you very much.

@Ter the 12 week outline above is one that was used by Youth With A Mission. A few years ago at least it was the outline of their foundation course Discipleship Training School (DTS).

Hi @Ter, good question. I would like to add to the suggestions here The Bible Project. I am a visual learner and The Bible Project has a ton of videos that have helped me tremendously. Here is a link you can look into and if you feel led, share with your friend,

In addition to and for advanced learning (and this can be for beginners too) I highly recommend

This DVD set addresses tough questions that all of us struggle with. It is a little pricey but if it is affordable for you, it’s SO worth the investment!
Thank you for you heart in wanting to help guide your friend :heart:


I plan on buying the ESV study next month. I am so glad to find someone giving good recommendation on it, now I have no doubt its going to be a blessing


Thank you Brian, your suggestions are appreciated, blessings


I’ve just recently discovered the Bible Project and also love them. I haven’t seen this one though so I thank you so much for sharing.


I pray you will be richly blessed by the word of God and that the study notes will be helpful to grasp nuances of the historical and cultural aspects, for example. I was happy to see that @sig and others also shared about the Bible project, which I also love! Finally I love the Holy Bible app on my phone or tablet, there are many great devotionals and studies and a series called ‘deeper into Scripture’ that I am finding very helpful too. May your walk woth the Lord be blessed and fruitful by spending time in His Word!