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I was hoping I could receive some advice on your recommended reading list, as well as trustworthy sites that you use to learn more about reaching Muslims for Christ. Thank you so much, I truly appreciate it friends! :books: :heart:


“Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus” by Nabeel Qureshi.


I’d love to hear from @Interested_in_Islam!


The 3D Gospel: Ministry in Guilt, Shame, and Fear Cultures by Jayson Georges
Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi
I’ve heard good things about Answering Islam by Norman Geisler

Also The Crescent Project has a lot of great resources as well.
And I would highly recommend looking into their Bridges class.

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Nicholas Suddarth


I would also say, from my limited experience, one of the best ways to reach Muslims I have found so far, is just to become friends with them. And really just like anyone, they don’t want to feel like they are part of your evangelism project. I loved how John Lennox in his talk with Dave Rubin phrased it… “Evangelism Fodder.”


Thank you @ammu and @Nsuddarth!! :smiley: :+1:

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Thanks for the question Elizabeth, i want to learn more too! :blush:

If you havent read yet, please read Nabeel Qureshi’s book “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus”. That book is what got me here, honestly it is a must read book for every christians espcially those like me who lives among muslims. I live in indonesia and 90%+ of the people here are muslims.
I’m currently reading his 2nd book “No God but One: Allah or Jesus?”
His book taught me so much as a christian, especially from see the perspective of a muslim.

I’m currently is still struggling to introduce Jesus (as God) to a dearest muslim friend of mine, because she already has a very different concept of who Jesus is (a human, a prophet).

Happy learning!



Thank you Nicholas for the resources. The Crescent Project has so much articles and books focusing on muslim.


Hello @budicw! Thank you for your reply and please know I will be praying for you. :pray:t4: Yes, I have read “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus”- and you are so right, the book is amazing!! :smiley: :books: God bless you friend.


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I don’t know if Abdu Murray has any books out there but he is also a powerhouse on this subject as is Andy Bannister who has written stuff on it too.


Thanks @CathE! You are totally right, and I will look into it! :hibiscus:


Check out Isik Abla, she has the biggest heart I know and her ministry seems to be securely grounded on the Holy Bible. Raised a Muslim herself and converted to Christanity, she has a heart for reaching Muslims for Christ.


Thanks @sherriepilk! She sounds very interesting and courageous - thank you so much for sharing this!! :heartpulse: Have a blessed day

Well definitely “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus” by Nabeel Qureshi. It would be good to know the Bible verses that Muslims usually quote, and to know their true meaning and context. Several apologetics websites have great resources on those verses.

Also, to familiarize yourself with the evidence for the Bible. Muslims, mainly "attack three things about Christianity, Jesus Divinity, The Trinity, and The Bible’s Innerrency.

Another website I have used is, which is actually the first place that I ever heard about Nabeel Qureshi.

If you know how to answer those three issues (Jesus Divinity, The Trinity, and The Bible’s Innerrency) then you will be able to answer most questions from muslims.

God Bless


Thank you @Dev! Wonderful input- will put it into use! :+1: :smiley: