ReFresh 2019 Story

I went to refresh last year in 2019. I had come in with a lot going on in my life dealing with my church back home. I felt weighed down so much with anger for another person and it wasn’t until Vince spoke one night the message “where were you god?” that I realized it. I came in with so much tension and anger and I didn’t even realize that I needed to forgive someone until speaking with an amazing RZIM team member. Vince gave the illustration of atlas carrying the world on his shoulders and this image was brought up when talking with my discussion group leader the next day. After both of these experiences, we had a reflection time during an afternoon session and whoever was speaking before that said someone in their meeting that morning had Psalm 146 on their heart. I looked it up and read the verse 8 that says the lord lifts those bend down by heavy loads. I don’t know who read this chapter that morning and suggested it but it was definitely meant for me. I found forgiveness and freedom and have been living in the light. Thank God for life changing work done at refresh through RZIM team and volunteers.


Nice to meet you @Sgpage! :wave:
What a powerful experience you had at Refresh, thank you for sharing. I love how God spoke to you through His Word.

What a powerful statement you wrote…
“I found forgiveness and freedom and have been living in the light.”

You have such a wonderful story of the freedom we find and the burden we let fall when we forgive. :pray: It is a loving reminder for us all, especially for myself.

Thank you so much for sharing!


Hi @Sgpage. Thank you for sharing this inspiring account of your time at Refresh :pray:t3: Forgiveness is life changing. Thank you for reiterating this in your story. Your account of reading verse 8 and it being specifically meant for you is a testimony to how personal our Savior is :heart: I am “bent low” this morning so I am encouraged by your testimony.
Thank you and God bless :pray:t3: