REFRESH Resources - Day 4

Hello again @REFRESH2020!

Good news! ALL of your Vitale Dating Tips are now available here! It was encouraging to see so many of you realize that the video was a repeat…you all officially passed the test, we just wanted to see if you were paying attention :wink: (not really, it was a mistake!)

Also available now are Alycia’s Evangelism tips!

Today would not have been a success without @Sam_Allberry coming in live from the UK. Since Sam is not readily available at all times like he was today, we highly recommend picking up the following resources from him:

If you haven’t checked them out yet, we also recommend checking out the RZIM Podcasts. @Shawn_Hart and @Ivy_Tyson discuss Sam’s book 7 Myths in their podcast Cover to Cover and @Abdu_Murray hosts The Defense Rests which puts Christianity and other worldviews in the courtroom. You can hear more from @Vince_Vitale and @Jo_Vitale by checking out their podcast Ask Away and if you’re missing @Nathan_Rittenhouse, you can hear from him and @Cameron_McAllister on their podcast, Thinking Out Loud.

We hope these resources will help keep you encouraged in your walk with God. And remember that RZIM Connect is always here to help answer the questions you may encounter as you head off to college :slightly_smiling_face:


Bravo ReFresh Team! Having these resources to refer to is a huge blessing. Very thankful for the gift of RZIM CONNECT!

Will share with others!

Kathy Lundberg


Oh Wow!.. Thank you so much team #refresh-2020 for sharing these resources… esp. the video links of Vitale Dating Tips and Alycia Evangelism Tips. Earlier i had to check out the archive video of #refresh-2020 and find those specific part of session of them. Thank you for sharing! :blush: :clap: :raised_hands:


So glad you’ve found the links above helpful, Darius! :blush:

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Thanks so much Kathy! Very encouraged to hear that RZIM Connect is helpful to you! :slight_smile:

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