Say hello…
Glad to be here along with everyone that is looking for the truth. The true meaning of life fulfilment.

Where I’m from?
U.S. Tx.

What led me to join Connect?
Being open to conversate about God and how to improve my relationship with him.

What is my hope to contribute?
Learning about God therefore discovering how I am.In hope that I share to other about him especially to my two little ones.


Welcome to Connect, Regina. :slightly_smiling_face: It is wonderful to have you join us, and I look forward to learning more with and from you. I am certain your kids are blessed with a mother hungering to know the Lord more deeply.


Welcome aboard @Cregina. I think it is great for you to see how important your two little ones are. Train up child in the way he/she should go . . . thanks for coming with us. Maybe you could start an ongoing topic dedicated to what to say to your children and even how to respond to what they say. God-bless you and your journey


Hello @Cregina, it’s good to have you here with us, welcome :heart: If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I have found many people here who are eager to help. Is there anything in particular you would have us pray for?
I trust you will find this a friendly environment to ask your questions and also offer your thoughts as we glean from one another.
Take care :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome Regina!

So glad you are here and that you already see the importance of sharing Him with your two little ones!
–How old are they?
–How have you shared with them already?
–Have you found a way to share to that may be helpful to others with little ones in their lives? I have young grandchildren, and sharing with them is not always as simple as one might expect!

Glad you are here! Hope to hear more from you!


I hear you, Regina! @Cregina

My deepest desire is that my kids would have their own strong faith and walk with the Lord.

This community is great for many reasons- it’s an encouragement for any season of life we find ourselves in… there are questions and struggles at every point in the journey!
And, at this point in time, questions from your little ones are the priority :blush:

Curious how old your kids are?
I am going to be using an apologetics set of books with my kids this year- it’s by Masterbooks- an 8 volume set of books called “The Answers Books for Kids” Box Set.

Maybe this would be a great resource for you, as well? I’d assume the questions could be challenged up or eased up depending on the age of your kids.

I think we could start some great topics, as @Keldon_Scott suggested- on questions kids ask, and how to respond to them.

Enjoy checking things out, Regina- let us know if you have any questions navigating the site.


Hi, Sal
My oldest girl is 8 and my son is 4. We go to church at Calvary Chapel Coastland. Been going there 4yrs. I love it. There more focus on the church (people) have an intiment relationship with God individually and growing together and helping each other in any way possible.

Being here on this RZIM connect, in hopes learning more. It’s funny I always hear how other believers said, God wants us to be hungry in learning more about him and telling others. I really didn’t think I would feel satisfied and wanting more of him. Till it’s just dawn on me.Is this what it feels like being spiritually hungry. I feel silly but it’s true. I get it. I feel im at a point where im learning my footing (walking) and its important to me so my lids can see how and what it is to walk in the Lord Jesus. Sorry, I have so much to say in what I discovered about him in m. Who I’m ment to be. Like to talk to you more but have to go working. Thanks for your message.


It is so exciting that you are getting your footing and learning to walk in Him and listen to Him while your children are still young! And so good you have a great church home.

Working with little ones can be challenging! I remember those days. It seems there is never enough time to do all we want to do. May you and your family be blessed as you continue to walk in Him.

Looking forward to hearing more from you in the forums!


Hi, Heidi

Have an 8yr. girl and 4yr. boy
I’ll check out “The Ansers Books for Kids.” Thanks