Reintroducing myself

(LaTricia J.) #1

That check box finally got the best of me! So, here I am doing a reintroduction after all of this time with Connect! :smile:

I’m LaTricia, cemeterian by trade, and follower of Christ since June 2, 2013. I’m an only child, no children to share funny stories about, but I spoil the mess out of other people’s kids freely and then give them back to their parents. I have been with Connect since we were on the initial platform back in yesteryear (attempt to sound really old), and have taken a few of the modules with RZIM, all of which I have enjoyed and learned so much from. I’m pretty easygoing and rather fancy having time to think and exercise my imagination.

That’s the short of it. Now I have finally taken care of the last check mark under “Join In”. :rofl:

(Jimmy Sellers) #2

What checkbox? I don’t see a box. You can train your brain to not see the box. I can’t believe you folded.:grinning:

(Carson Weitnauer) #3

Well done @LaTricia_January!! So glad to have you introduce yourself again. :slight_smile: You’re a tremendous blessing to the community.

(LaTricia J.) #4

@Jimmy_Sellers I totally caved! But I lasted longer than @SeanO LOL.

Thank you @CarsonWeitnauer for creating a place for us to exchange with so many from all around the world all while keeping up with what’s happening with RZIM!

(Lou Hablas) #5

@LaTricia_January I love your candidness! I must admit - the checkbox tugged at me too. From one old-timer - in my case, simply due to being old - to another…welcome! :slight_smile:

(LaTricia J.) #6

Thank you @Lou_Hablas! Look at us making semi-bold moves!

(Monty Dicksion) #7

Hi LaTricia - I’m new here (since yesterday) and will be turning to folks like yourself to help me learn how to get around here. I’ve seen two people mention “modules,” but I don’t know what modules are.

(LaTricia J.) #8

Welcome @MontyD you’ll find this to be a very helpful environment. Thank you for joining us.

RZIM is dedicated to helping believers develop critical thinking while also growing in understanding of the faith. The Core Module is a foundational course RZIM offers and is an introduction of sorts to the other course offerings from RZIM. Even though it’s been some years since I’ve taken the Core Module, I reference it repeatedly as I continue to engage with believers and non-believers. It also helped to serve as a spring board for the other course I’ve taken, off of which I continue to rely on. It’s like precious gold and an extremely valuable resource for many of us.

(Drew McNeil) #9

Hi LaTricia, Thanks so much for the kind words about the Core Module. You were always such blessing to your fellow RZIM Academy students. It’s encouraging to hear that it continues to bear fruit in your life. Thank you for posting here to encourage others to join.

(LaTricia J.) #10

It’s my pleasure and it’s definitely the truth, @Drew_McNeil. You all have so much patience with us - everyone from behind the scenes to all of the itinerants in front of the camera. I know I’m not the only one who’s so grateful for all of the work that has gone into the courses offered.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #11

Hey @LaTricia_January! I’m so glad that you’ve (officially) re-introduced yourself. Your thoughtful comments have been a blessing to many on Connect. Humbled to serve alongside you, sister. Blessings!!!

(LaTricia J.) #12

All of y’all are so kind and encouraging to me! I’m happy to be here serving alongside so many dynamic and interesting people!