Reliable Church History Resources

Hi everyone!

Do you have any recommendations where I could find reliable church history resources on the internet? There’s loads of info online but I’m not really sure what’s true and reliable.

Thanks in advance!


Hello Anna,

This is not an internet resource, but I have been reading the book series “2000 Years of Christ’s Power” by Nick Needham, and it is a very comprehensive, yet easy to read, resource on church history. It is used by some seminaries as a textbook in their church history classes, and I was first introduced to it by a church history class from The Master’s Seminary. I would highly recommend it if you are interested in book resources as well. It’s available on Amazon in both hard copy and Kindle form.

I hope that helps Anna. May God grant you wisdom in finding the resources that you need. God bless.



Hi, @imanname! Do you have any specific period of church history that you’re interested in or is it mainly a general overview?


Hello Kathleen,

I am interested in the early years of the church, probably after what happened in Acts, the post-apostolic period (if there’s such a thing as that :sweat_smile:). I want to dig on that a bit, and I want to know how Roman Catholicism influenced the church somehow?


Here is a good website. It should help you to focus on your study.


Fabulous. :slight_smile: I see @Jimmy_Sellers has linked you to some primary sources. Always :100:. Here’s who is coming to the top of my head:

  • NT Wright – former of Bishop of Durham and New Testament scholar/Pauline theologian. He has a very in depth understanding of Jesus’ social context and the world of the New Testament
  • Diarmaid MacCulloch – Professor of the History of the Church at Oxford. He is a fairly prolific writer in this area, so some of his smaller books or BBC documentaries may be of help?
  • Alister McGrath – Professor of Science and Religion at Oxford…he’s also an intellectual historian, so he traces the history of ideas. He has written a lot of classic introductory ‘textbooks’ for theology students.

I’ll try to be thinking of other resources!


I know this is a little late but I would like to add this guys blog.

He has a lot of stuff that you will not find elsewhere. Enjoy.

Thank you @KMac! Sorry for the late reply. I will look into them. :blush:

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Thanks @Jimmy_Sellers! Will check this out. Thanks for your inputs!

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Way of life literature is a great resource for articles and books on church history. There are articles, ebooks, and much more!

Resource by historian as to what happened in Europe after Acts
“The Barbarian Conversion: From Paganism to Christianity:”
By Richard Fletcher
John M

You are welcome. Hope that helps with your studies.