Renee Jeska

Hello, I am from Minnesota

What led you to join Connect? I received an email for the church leadership conference in May.

How do you hope to contribute? Learn from others on engaging Biblically in our culture.


Welcome to Connect, Renee! :blush: I think you will find Connect a place to ask the tough questions you encounter amongst your church friends, and perhaps some of them will be interested in joining, too. Looking forward to hearing from you on the threads. Praise the Lord for your heart to serve His flock!


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Hey - what’s going on? I just wrote to @ewseel in disbelief because I have never met another fellow Minnesotan in Connect since I joined when it first got off the ground! Two from MN in one day? Amazing. As I asked Erin, could I ask you where you live in Minnesota? My wife & I live in Grand Marais and have operated a lodge on the shores of Lake Superior for 40 years.

I’m not officially involved with RZIM but I have headed up a memorization group that I’d love to have you join. Just go to the post How and Why to Memorize Scripture and if you wanted to go forth, go to @Bible_Memorization_Group. Carson has set that up for us because I post 2 verses/week to memorize as there are 44 of us memorizing a chapter of the Bible. A post cannot be addressed to ,I think, more than 8 people, and since we have 44, he set it up for us. Currently we are doing Colossians 1. We started a few weeks ago so it is not too late. Erin, I’m including you in this post.

I’d be great to have you on board. I have set up a Google map that shows where those who wanted to be involved with are on the map. It is so encouraging seeing people from all around the world. However, I am the lone Minnesotan. To have you on there would warm my heart and I sure could use the warmth this winter, right?