Renwick Walcott

Blessings to you fellow believers…

I am from Guyana, South America.

I have been following Dr Ravi and team for a while and has been learning much from their teachings.

I do hope to contribute by being a part of discussions, sharing comments, researching and other activities.


Welcome Renwick @Renwick. I’m glad you are here. Look forward to chatting with you.

God Bless You

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@Renwick Nice to meet you!

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Hello and blessings to you as well and welcome to the connect family of believers. Our search is now yours as we engage together in the pursuit of truth. Your profile shows child evangelism fellowship are you part of that as well, if so how long? I have enjoyed the last several months here on connect it has been great to grow and share. See you on a thread or two.

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Welcome to Connect @Renwick! Glad you have joined the community!

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Welcome to connect Renwick!

You will find a very kind and gentle family in Christ here.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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God bless you, much thanks

blessings, thank you.

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Thank you. God bless.

Blessings, God bless you.

Blessings, thank you.