Repost and answer my childs post about an evil God

My daughter posted a meme on Facebook. I m hoping one of you can recall a sermon that I can attach to a post to answer it lovingly but firmly. Unfortunately, a picture speaks a thousand words so a picture would also be helpful as her picture is of a lovely woman drowning in the flood who is seen up to her eyes, nose under and hands up drowning. I will not repost that horrible picture . My other daughter says to “leave it alone” but for this one, I feel the Holy Spirit leading me to defend my Master. .
it says
My favorite part of the bible is when god gives everyone free will and then drowns everyone for not acting the way he wanted
ouch, it s the picture of the pretty lady drowning. This statement has so many repurcussions and too many topics for me to handle in one response. Can you send me a sermon attachment befitting this? As a mom, she wont listen to me but maybe , who knows, she will see the sermon. its worth a try
its such large ground to cover, i dont know what to say without being sarcastic about allowing evil with no consequences…
thanks in advance

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Well, I would say that after centuries of fair warning, your pretty lady is only drowning because she refused to get in the big life boat - even though God kept the door open for seven days (Genesis 7:10). Some people, you just can’t help them no matter how hard you try!

Hello Deborah,

I will attach a video to a sermon by RC Sproul that
I hope will help. It sounds like what your daughter is truly struggling with here is not the flood, but rather a difficulty with reconciling mercy, and justice. The statement on the meme is very simplified and seems to leave out the fact that God created us and gave us a beautiful world to live in, and we rebelled against Him and brought sin into that world. Not only that, but it also seems to miss the fact that God allowed us to live, despite the warning that if Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of that tree, then they would die. But yet they did not die when they ate of that tree, they lived for a long time before their death because of His mercy. It seems to me that this is more a struggle to understand mercy and justice, and this is not an uncommon struggle, but there are answers.

I hope that this sermon will help. I will be praying for your daughter. I know that this is sometimes a hard subject to reconcile in our lives, but the answers are out there. If there is anything else I can do to help please let me know. God bless you.


Some of that Wisdom took a seat in the heart of Ravi. And now…we have all of you.

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@moretoourlives. Your post reminded me of a similar post “What If I Don’t Want to go to Hell or Heaven.” September 2018 from Hero Guy. I am not a sermon writer or speaker but your daughter’s meme reminded me of my post. I have included a meme that I think demonstrates my thoughts.


@HeroGuy. Maybe it clarifies the questions if you considered that free will applies to our personal choices, not GOD’s. My free will only involve decisions that affect me. GOD was GOD before you and I. GOD remains GOD throughout all time.

We were given a world that we immediately began to destroy. The sacrifice given by CHRIST established an escape hatch from our fallen world. It is our choice to accept the way out of our mutually assured destruction. But don’t you think it is unfair to try and renegotiate the escape route, because we decide it is GOD’s burden to give us multi choices until we find the one we would be happy with. We are admittedly responsible for the fallen condition of our world, but we don’t want the responsibility for the fall?

If you were rescuing a drowning person, would you pause and allow them to dictate how they should be rescued? If you stood at the edge of a skyscraper and decided to jump, wouldn’t you expect the laws of gravity to come immediately into play?

Our free will does not suspend any laws of consequence. If that seems too limited, perhaps the true consideration should be the rescue, not what comes next. Just rescue me. I will then have the privilege of enjoying what comes next. If I choose not to be rescued, then my rejection gives consent to the consequences I have chosen not to avoid.

(Hope that gives some clarity to her understanding of “free will.”)