Resources for New Believers?

(SeanO) #1

What are books / resources that you would recommend for new believers to understand how to live out their faith and participate in the community of faith?

@POORNIMA had mentioned being in the process of learning the Christian faith (as we are all in process) and I am sure other Connect members are in / will be in the same situation, so I was hoping we could gather some good resources. Also, when we evangelize, I think it is helpful to have resources to provide those who come to the faith and would love to hear what you guys generally recommend.

Here are some that have helped me: “Basic Christianity” by John Stott, “Knowing God” by J. I. Packer and “Mere Christianity” by C. S. Lewis.

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #2

I appreciate this question @SeanO. I’m excited to see other people’s recommendations as well, since it may be able to help me in checking resources which I have not used before in my personal walk as I grew in the Lord. What will be shared here may help us in helping others who want to seriously grow in their faith.

Personally, Jerry Bridges’ books helped me as I was first growing in my theology as a Christian. It’ll help you understand grace properly, which will not lead to legalism and antinomianism. And practically it’ll help you in your sanctification.

Some of his books are: The Pursuit of Holiness, The Practice of Godliness, Respectable Sins, The Discipline of Grace, Transforming Grace, Growing Your Faith, True Community, and Trusting God Even When Life Hurts.

In evangelism, what shaped my practice fundamentally are videos from Ray Comfort. The Way of The Master or Living Waters really has some good videos in practice of their method of how to share the gospel. Meaningful Evangelism by Andy Smith was helpful to me as well. It’s kind of Abdu Murray’s Grand Central Question in apologetics, but in evangelism format. Like you explain the gospel depending on what you think the person values the most. Like if they value family, you explain sin as resulting to a loss of relationship with God, as God being a good Father. That what Christ had done would make sure that everyone who believes would be reconciled to God.

I think this may be general resources which I could share at the moment. I think other things I’ve read may depend on the person’s situation.


Thank you …Will try reading them:)

(Natasha Morton) #4

When I first became a Christian, a friend of mine gave me ‘By This Name’ by John R Cross. It helped me so much understand basic doctrinal foundations - to the point that I have actually passed them on myself to new believers in our group. Written well and understandable, it would work well for the young adult new believer or the older ones I think. I grew up in church but never really ‘got it’ but this book really helped place the puzzle pieces and I think gave me a something to build on.

(Tim Behan) #5

Hi all,

Don’t have masses of time today so am just having a quick skim and will respond more fully in places later… but easily one of the best reads I’ve come across, not just for new Christians, but to those you’re evangelising to… is “A Fresh Start”, by John Chapman. I had the privilege of sitting under John Chapmans teachings on a few occasions and he was a clear and Godly preacher, with a wonderfully simple way of putting deep theological ideas across, all with a practical hand which I imagine came from his many years experience.

(No I’m not getting royalties for his books… just a big fan) :grinning: