Resources for Understanding Faith & Reason

(Eunike Misiekaba) #1

Hi Friends,

I just want to share this article on Faith and Reason. See the link below.

(Eunike Misiekaba) #2

Sorry, now with the link.

I’m really interested in knowing more about Faith & Reason. Do you have some good articles on this topic that you can share with me?

(SeanO) #3

@Eunike Thank you for sharing that article. Here are some additional resources that you may consider looking into more. The Lord Jesus grant you wisdom and understanding as you study.

(Eunike Misiekaba) #4

@SeanO Thank you very much for your fast response. Blessings

(SeanO) #5

@Eunike Sure thing. If you have any more specific questions as you are studying please feel free to ask. Blessings!