Resources for understanding Theosophy / New Age, etc.?

Hi everyone, looking for some help on resources on how to get to the core of understanding Alan Watts/Theosophy/ the New Age movement?
Refutations would be super useful. Thanks

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Thanks for your question. I look forward to responses from others in the community. Below are some resources from authors I have referred to regarding New Age. Several of the New Age concepts are are also increasingly entering churches. It may be important to get familiar with some of the key ideas of New age - all is divine, positive thinking, Jesus as man who reached godhood through meditation, focus on man’s potential, methods to experience some inner revelation,etc. Walter Martin has written extensively on several cults and his books should be helpful to understand what new age beliefs are. Steven Bancarz and Josh Peck have come out of the New age system of beleifs into Christianity and so have great insights. An overview of the new age beliefs is in the following article:

Look forward to any specific questions you may like to further discuss.

God bless!