Resources on Mental Health?

(Esperansa Perez) #1

Hi everyone,

Anyone have any resources in mental health and the Christian Community? I am a social worker working with women veterans struggling with mental health related issues and mental illness.


(SeanO) #2

@eperez Below are some Connect threads / resources you might find helpful. What types of mental health issues do you encounter in your work? Do you have any resources you have found particularly helpful that would be good for folks on Connect to know about?

(Tate Kandi) #3

Hi Esperansa,

First of all thank you for what you are doing, I think mental health in the Christian Community is an issue that has been under-addressed historically. Here is a link to some resources that have helped me and my family in dealing with mental health.

I have two brothers and both of them served in Afghanistan and Iraq with the British army and I bought them these and they have really appreciated them. One of them is a mental health nurse in the British army and he’s currently trying to get them to be made available to all of his patients both Christian and non-believers.

I hope you find what you are looking for.

(Clarice Fong) #4

Hi Esperansa! Thank you for posing this question. It was a question I wanted to pose as well. I’ve been doing some reading around trauma and mental health, and I am pretty much blown away by the things I’m learning. The book I’m reading is not a Christian resource, but already I am seeing so many ideas which tie back to Christian doctrine - I just need to draw out the connections a little more with some research. Happy to share what I’ve found if you’re interested!

PS - The reason I’m diving into this subject is because I’m putting together a book on mental illness and how the church can respond proactively to the rising epidemic. Other references - scientific or Christian - are much appreciated!