Resources on study of the Gospels

I would like to know some good resources -online and print that would help me to understand the gospels better. There are many things there I don’t understand, and I know there are deeper meanings to the events and parables of the gospels. I would appreciate some suggestions.


@michele Here are some resources that could get you started :slight_smile: I think if you really want to dive deep, you’ll probably want to buy commentaries written for each Gospel individually.

RightNow Media - Your Church might already have free access to this site they can provide - it has lots of teaching series with study guides so you can follow along

The Narrow Path - Steve Gregg has verse by verse teaching through the entire Bible that is 100% free

The Gospel Coalition - The Gospel Coalition has some free resources on the Gospels - this link is for the Book of John


Thank you for taking time to offer your recommendations. God bless. I am blessed by how everyone here at Connect cares about helping each other.


Thank YOU for asking for the resources! Now I get to grab all the resources from @SeanO and save them in a file so I can be better equipped myself!

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