Resources: S1E4: "Saving Truth Chapter 3"

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Every week, we share the resources that we referenced in the most recent episode of the podcast. These could be books, articles, movies, and anything else we mentioned that you might want a link to. If the resource is available for free access online, the link will take you right to it. If not, the link will take you to information on how to get the resource for yourself (for instance, the Amazon link for a book).

If you want to dig deeper, these are some places you can start:

Episode 5: Chapter 3

  1. Michael Ramsden, “God of Love; God of Judgement?”-

  2. Vince Vitale

  1. Gender Identity: Can a 5’9, White Guy Be a 6’5, Chinese Woman?

  1. Lisa Fields, Jude 3 Project
  1. Julie Scelfo, “A University Recognizes a Third Gender: Neutral,” New York Times
  1. Tom Flynn, “Secular Humanism Defined”

  1. Practical Ethics, Peter Singer (Chapters 6 and 7)

  1. Os Guinness - The quote mentioned by Ivy is from an RZIM Academy lecture by Os Guinness. To study further with the RZIM Academy go here:
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RE gender: There is an article in our newspaper today that Berkeley, CA is banning some gender specific words like “manhole” and “manpower” for longer, clumsier terms. Also banned are “he” and “she,” replaced with specific titles like “the attorney.” My question is, is it too ridiculous to think some misguided person will go after the great books and literature and demand no more He or She pronouns in them? Can you imagine what that would do to Dickens…make his work 20x as long? Or instruction manuals? The consequences of this push to abolish how one identifies is confusing to me, as is the push to not use perfectly good pronouns- who could possibly be harmed by the use of He when it is implied that it covers both genders sometimes. I read the correction Abdu included in ch. 3 and I couldn’t make any sense out of it. Maybe that is the intent, like 1984, in supposedly expanding our language choices they are really limiting them and reducing our range of thought.