Resources: S1E6 "Saving Truth Chapter 5"

Every week, we share the resources that we referenced in the most recent episode of the podcast. These could be books, articles, movies, and anything else we mentioned that you might want a link to. If the resource is available for free access online, the link will take you right to it. If not, the link will take you to information on how to get the resource for yourself (for instance, the Amazon link for a book).

If you want to dig deeper, these are some places you can start:

Saving Truth Chapter 5

  1. Norman Rockwell’s Golden Rule Mosaic:

  2. Matthew 7:12

  3. Ram Gidoomal and Margaret Wardell, Chapatis For Tea Reaching Your Hindu Neighbour: a Practical Guide

  4. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey, 505 U.S. 833, 851 (1992).

  5. Humanist Manifesto I
    Human Manifesto II
    Human Manifesto III

  6. Judge Richard Posner, “The Personal Philosophy of Richard Posner,” The Big Think,

  7. Michael Ramsden, “God of Love; God of Judgement”

  8. C.S. Lewis, “God in the Dock” in The Timeless Writings of C.S. Lewis


Thanks so much for this podcast. I thought I was reading Saving Truth to be able to talk to people two generations removed from me; instead I find myself challenged in my own life as I realize some of the ways I myself have chosen confusion over truth. In the podcast I have been inspired by Ivy’s and Shawn’s questions. I have never been able to ask serious questions like these with people I don’t know. Yet I see that they are asked respectfully and show a very caring way of listening. While listening, I began wishing I had Ivy in my pocket for when I talk to people, then realized that I have the Holy Spirit working in my heart and brain. Wow. And thanks.


Thanks for sharing your honest reflection, @carolsong88! This is really encouraging to read and I resonate with what you are saying. This happens to me often too. Also, thanks for a new saying that is spreading around RZIM headquarters now. Several people are now saying that they wish they had “Ivy in my pocket”…I see a good meme coming from this eventually.

Thanks so much for listening!