Resources: S2 E1 "Author Interview with Sam Allberry"

Hey @Interested_In_Cover_to_Cover , welcome to Season 2! @Sam_Allberry’s author interview just dropped, so it’s time to dive in. :slight_smile: As usual, we will post here each week with any references or extra resources we might have mentioned during the podcast.

7 Myths About Singleness is a very different type of book than Saving Truth was, and so the conversations we have are pretty different as well. This is practical, personal, challenging stuff. There may be weeks with very few external references; if that’s the case, @Shawn_Hart and I will still get on here to say hello and highlight a couple of the key questions that we talked about that week so we can keep the conversation!

As always, we are so eager to hear your thoughts, questions, and reflections as we go through each week’s chapter. May God show us gracious favor as we seek to love and serve Him well with our whole hearts, souls, minds, and bodies. Let’s see what one thing He has in store for each of us today!

S2 E1: Author Interview with Sam Allberry

The Cross from a Distance: Atonement in Mark’s Gospel (New Studies in Biblical Theology Book 18), Peter Bolt

The Cross of Christ, John Stott

Knowing God J.I. Packard

Pilgrim’s Progress, John Bunyan

Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life, Anne Lamott


This was a great start, and I’m eager to get into the book itself. I want to see where I can do better in encouraging my brothers and sisters who are single. I tend to think of them like the special forces of the Church militant, able to have extraordinary focus on advancing the kingdom that is unavailable to those who, like me, are married. At least, that’s my impression from the tail end of 1Cor 7.

Also, thanks for the recommendation on the New Studies in Biblical Theology book series.


Hello Ivy,

When I heard Vince speak of a new podcast entiltled “Cover to Cover” a few months ago, I could not wait for it to commence. However, this is the first time I have visited the connect conversation for “Cover to Cover”.

Please allow me to give you a shout :mega: out for presenting all the books :books: Sam mentioned in such convenient formate. Kudos to you!!

I enjoyed Abdu’s book and the synopsis of chapters on the podcast and am equally anticipating Sam’s as well. When you interview the author before presenting the book, I feel it gives the listening audience a personal connection to the book and the author. That idea :thought_balloon: was sheer genius.


I’ve been meaning to get on here… Thanks for covering this book. Sam is one of my favorite authors and speakers. I hope it’s not just us singles who are listening to the podcast. A couple thoughts I’ve had from the first several episodes–

Sometimes I’ll hear people complain that modern worship music has too much “God’s my buddy” kind of language. However, I was struck this week while listening to a secular love song that I, as a single, still have that One who is always thinking about me and wants to hear about my day. I need that reminder. Granted, I’d sometimes like someone with “skin on” to talk to as well, and the Body of Christ often fails to be there for the single people as they could/should.

When I joined my church in the south 20+ years ago, I didn’t realize that most of the members live within a few miles of multiple generations of their families. As such, they don’t tend to think about inviting other people into their circles, and biological family trumps everything. Even after so many years, my closest friends are mostly others who moved here from elsewhere. I keep pressing for change, and I hope this podcast and book will help a few more people think outside their usual boxes.