Resources S2 E5 "7 Myths, Chapter 4"

Hi Friends,
We don’t have much to offer in extra resources from this episode, but here are some Bible passages that we talked about.

S2E5: 7 Myths About Singleness Chapter 4

  • Mark 3:33-35
  • Mark 10:28-30
  • Psalm 68:6
  • 1 Peter 4:9

It was great to see a community member started a discussion thread in this community. We are thankful for all of your support and involvement in Cover to Cover. We hope you are enjoying this season and are finding it as challenging as we have to reframe the way we think about this topic.



I would really love to hear people’s biggest takeaway from this week’s episode. Anyone willing to share their thoughts?

Thank you again Ivy and Sean for another podcast of insight and great commentary. I also thank you both for sharing glimpses into your personal lives, this is one of my favorite things.
My greatest take a way? A great realization that Im so blessed with a church family that I’m under-using and being under-used. My singleness came about after the death of my spouse and I’ve spent time floundering, wondering where do I belong? This chapter has been like, duh, you belong right where you are, dive in. I realize I needn’t wait for families to invite me into their world, I can do the inviting - whether inviting them into my world or inviting myself into theirs. I’ve let people minister to me for the last year and half, which I really needed, but as time goes on and people go back to their routines I’ve had to fight hard against self pity. This chapter has been convicting, that I have the power to create the relationships I long for, the power to create the belonging I long for. I love your honesty Sean that you’re learning how to integrate and apply your ideas, after this chapter I have some ideas also. I love the idea of stewarding my singleness, there’s some great responsibility here to God’s family. Ivy, your words, “I’ve been so blessed to get to be this person”, sooo good, I want to be this person, I want to create family.
With God’s wisdom, His guidance, by holding His hand, I’m moving forward.
Thank you for an opportunity to share.


@Ter, thanks for sharing your story. I respect you a lot for your strength and courage in pursuing God’s desire for your life. I’m praying His love and joy fill your heart.