Resources: S2 E9: "7 Myths, Conclusion and Appendix"

@Interested_In_Cover_to_Cover Friends, we have finally reached our last episode of Season 2! We have learned so much from @Sam_Allberry over the last 8 weeks – and I know that for many of us, the conversation is only just beginning as we work through the implications of this book in our own particular contexts and relationships.

We look forward to continuing the discussion with you here. @Shawn_Hart and I have been tremendously blessed to read along with your honest thoughts, questions, and dialog.

We only have a handful of notes for this final episode. That said, Shawn and I both share our “one thing” from the book. If you want to share yours here, we would be glad to hear it! What one thing is God asking you to do, say, or think differently in light of what you’ve learned in 7 Myths About Singleness?

S2 E9: "Conclusion and Appendix"


I have some catching up to do in both reading and listening, but one takeaway I have gotten from this book is singleness doesn’t mean no family!! I was able to speak with a classmate about this (after getting asked out by him lol) and share that Jesus will never leave you even though people do. He expressed his frustration with relationships because people always seems to leave him either through death or disagreements and he hated being alone. While I acknowledged that relationships are important and needed, we aren’t alone if we have Jesus in our lives.
Thanks to Sam, Shawn, and Ivy for helping me turn an awkward situation of being asked out by someone 10 yrs older than me (I’m a high school student attending community college) into a gospel conversation! I look forward to finishing the book and podcast.


Choosing one thing is hard. I’ll share one thing from the book and one thing from the podcasts. In my last paragraph, I’ll try to tie them together, so I can pretend they are only “one thing.” :wink:

7 Myths about Singleness opened my eyes to many of the needs around me. Even though I’m single, I still live in a family unit since my parents graciously let my sisters and me live with them. I realized other singles in my church are probably experiencing loneliness in a way I’m not, and I need to reach out to them. The chapter “Singleness Means No Family” moved me to see the children in my life as my own children and open my heart to them in a greater way. I’m even noticing the needs of my married friends more. It’s a little overwhelming.

The sentence from the podcasts that hit me hardest was a statement from Episode 9 about avoiding sexual sin. Either Shawn or Ivy (I can’t remember who) said, “We all have our fantasies.” At this point in my life, sexual temptation does not top my list of temptations, but this comment about fantasies caused me to broaden my definition of these temptations and notice how they are touching my life.

I have a deep desire for tender love and affection. I also crave the respect and approval of other people. Even though these desires aren’t specifically sexual in nature, I realized I’m seeking fulfillment from other people (or in my daydreams) when I can only find this perfect love in Christ.

I think Ivy mentioned in one of the podcasts that she longs for the day when she can say with her whole heart that she’s fully satisfied in Christ. (@Ivy_Tyson, please correct me if I’m not quoting you correctly. The one thing I hate about podcasts is that it’s really hard to check quotes.)

I know the answer to my current struggles in life is to find my full satisfaction in Christ. Only then can I serve the people around me. I can’t solve their problems, but I can let Christ fill me to overflowing, and that overflow will touch everyone I meet.


Thank you so much for doing this podcast. Your insight and thoughts convinced me to read a book I probably never would have even seen otherwise (I’ll admit, I listened to the full podcast, then bought and read the book).
Thank you so much for taking the time to do this podcast and being so incredibly vulnerable and sincere during it.
The biggest learning I had during this book is how much opportunity and value there is when we’re single. I fully relate to Shawn when he talked about feeling like he had to rush to find someone to marry and it lead to some of the hardest years for me. I wish so much I could have read this book then and instead taken advantage of the strengths and opportunities I had.