Resources: S3 E1 "Jesus Among Secular Gods Chapter 1- Pt. 1"

Hi Friends @Interested_In_Cover_to_Cover ,
We are excited to finally have season 3 launch today. You can help us by sharing this episode with your friends, making comments on social media, and inviting friends into the discussions on RZIM connect. Below are a few of the people and resources mentioned in our first episode.

One of the things we love about Cover to Cover is we get to talk about our amazing team. Some of the team members mentioned in this episode are:
Daniel Gilman - @DanielGilman, Alanzo Paul - @AlanzoJulianPaul, Xandra Carroll - @xandrac, and Stuart McAllister - @Stuart_McAllister.

Some of the books and resources we mention are:

Jesus Among Secular God’s Bible Study:

Questioning Evangelism – Randy Newman

A Manual for Creating Atheists - Peter Boghossian

In this episode we read through the subheading "Your Worldview Matters". Next episode we will pick up with the subheading “As Old as the Hills” and finish Chapter 1.

We hope this is helpful to you!

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So excited to listen to this and for the discussions to get started on Connect. Looking forward to journeying through Season 3 with you all, @Shawn_Hart, @Ivy_Tyson, and @Interested_In_Cover_to_Cover community!


Just curious- is this an update of Jesus among other Gods?


Hi Kathleen @plantaseed !
Thank you for your great question!
Jesus Among Secular Gods is really a new addition because it deals more with modern culture and secularism and is co-written with Vince Vitale. Jesus Among Other Gods (which is a great book too!) was aimed primarily at Eastern mysticism and New Age spirituality.
I think you will find this book to be a different animal.
I hope you join us here for podcasts and discussion!


Hi April, I was wondering if there is a transcript for each episode’s podcast.

Thanks for your help (again),


Hi Lyla @LRFolkins !
This is a great question! No, there is not a transcript for each podcast, but it is something I’m hoping to make available in weeks to come at least for the podcasts we post on Connect. (I had some hearing loss as a child, and I love having access to extra resources.)

If you want to get a transcript you can do so by using “Live Transcribe” app available for Android and iPhone. You launch the app and make sure the “save file” option is on. Once the podcast is finished you have an opportunity to copy the transcript and move it to a Google Doc. This does not produce a faultless transcript (you may enjoy a decent laugh once in a while) and it’s all one paragraph. But once it’s in the Google doc you can format or just find the quote you may be looking for.
I hope this helps!