Resources: S3 E2 "Jesus Among Secular Gods Chapter 1 - Part 2"

Hello friends! Every week, we share resources that we mentioned during our conversation. We’re sorry that this post is later than normal, but we’re thankful for all of you who continue on this journey with us from week to week.

For those of you who listened to the episode on Friday, our awesome media team has re-uploaded it with a message at the front from me and Shawn. When we started recording this season months ago, we never expected that Ravi wouldn’t be here when we finished. We miss him. But we’re also deeply thankful to have this book in our hands. We need it more than ever.

Jesus Among Secular Gods - Chapter 1 Part 2*

*Knowledge and Christian Belief* – Alvin Plantinga
Warranted Christian Belief – Alvin Plantinga

This week we start in subheading “As Old as the Hills” and finish Chapter 1. Next week, we will read through the Chapter 2 subheading "The Prison of Darkness".