Resources: S3 E3 "Jesus Among Secular Gods Chapter 2 - Part 1"

Hi Friends,
I am sorry to be so delayed in getting this post up. As many of you know, we have been in an unprecedented time at RZIM so some things have been a bit delayed. We don’t have much in terms of resources for this episode, but we do mention @Alycia_Wood, who you should definitely follow (@AlyciaWood88) on Twitter if you are the tweeting type.

We also mention one of my favorite books to read with my oldest son, The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis.

This week, we start Chapter 2 and read through "The Prison of Darkness" subheading. Next week we will pick up with “The Difference of Jesus: Eternity” and finish the chapter.

We hope you have a great week!



Here is the episode!

Have you ever considered how your thoughts and ideas affect the real world? How do your beliefs color the way you see other people? On this episode, Shawn and Ivy explore the effects of an atheistic worldview. Join them as they discover Ravi Zacharias’s wisdom in recognizing the good desires that provide fuel for our worldviews.

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Thank you, Shawn and Ivy, for the encouragement to keep reading this book! I have gotten so discouraged reading a ‘Ravi’ book that I haven’t done the hard work and read the sections over and over and over again. I now find that I’m highlighting and writing notes in the margins as I’m delving into Ravi’s words, notwithstanding the fact that when I finish significant books I donate them to our church’s library. Repeated readings and the discussions the two of you have give me such a great insight into atheists, but into myself as well.


Thank you @BloomHere! You and @Jennifer_Wilkinson always have our backs. :slight_smile:


Carol @carolsong88 – I really needed your comment: “haven’t done the hard work and read the sections over and over and over again.” !!!
I am a “newby” in my efforts to learn to listen to the questioner, build relationships, make connections, determine questions – there is so much depth in the written text AND in Shawn’s & Ivy’s marvelous comments that I get over-whelmed.

So thank you for thanking Shawn & Ivy for their encouragement!


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Dear @Shawn_Hart @Ivy_Tyson
My husband and I are lifting up -you and all the RZIM workers. You are all in a tough position:
not stopping “the Work” yet possibly finding yourself at times in slow motion, interrupted by grief, recollections, same meetings but with a new feel, big sighs. No one’s on the same emotional timeline.

With that I have an “ask.”
I am trying to “go deep.” …but
I am a “newby” in my efforts to learn to listen to the questioner, build relationships, make connections, determine meaningful questions – there is so much depth in the written text AND in your marvelous comments and challenges that I find myself over-whelmed.

Right now I need to listen to the podcast first (at least two or three times) to help me even understand the text- then read and re-read the text, plust share with my husband to process.

Is it possible for you to let us know in the RESOURCE section, how far we should read for the next episode? Something like this would really help me know where to prioritize my focus:

[written at the end of the resource for E2 chapter 1 - part ]:
NEXT TIME in our Reading for E3,
we’ll go from the beginning of Ch2 through heading "The Prison of Darken."

[written at the end of the resource for E3 chapter 2 - part 1]:
NEXT TIME in our Reading for E4,
we start in Ch 2 at the heading: “The Difference in Jesus” (on or close to- page 42)

Thank you for your consideration.

Heaven on Earth, (IVY and the Spiritual Realm; mark 45:??) :upside_down_face:

Thanks to @carolsong88 for giving me the courage to ask.
Thank you to April @BloomHere, who has helped me out with my questions.


What a great idea, @LRFolkins ! That makes good practical sense, to give people a heads up on the next section if they’re reading along with us. Thanks for the suggestion! :slight_smile: We’ll do that moving forward. I’ll also update the posts for this book, so that people catching up on previous episodes will have the help as well.

Thanks so much for sharing with us about your process. I really admire your dedication and your honesty. It is sheer hard work to get meaning out of a complex text, especially when we first begin. The amount of time and effort you’re putting into this is really amazing, and I think it speaks to the quality of your heart as you seek to follow Jesus in the places He leads you. I learn from your example.

For what it’s worth, you and @carolsong88 are definitely not alone in this. I can’t count the number of times @Shawn_Hart and I said something along the lines of, “This is so much work!” while we were preparing and recording this season. More than the other two combined! Each book has its own challenges, but for this one, we often had the same experience you did – the greatest effort for us this season was taking this amazing information from Ravi and Vince and working it through until it resolved in the picture of our own lives and hearts. Application requires understanding, which sometimes requires a lot of time and effort; the risk of being interested but not engaged is high. Now that I listen to these episodes again, there are some weeks where I think we still didn’t quite get all the way down to the concrete like we hoped to. Two hours a chapter is, somehow, still not really enough time.

I’m so thankful that you and others like you are joining us on this journey! It’s a blessing to join others doing the same hard and valuable work. I’m praying for you this morning! Keep it up. :slight_smile:

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@carolsong88 and @LRFolkins, thanks for sharing your experiences as you’re reading Jesus Among Secular Gods. I was incredibly encouraged when I heard Shawn and Ivy had to reread sections and work hard to get at the meaning. I’m too apt to read the chapter and move on, knowing I missed the point but not being willing to do the work to get it.

I just started a new topic, Let's share our questions about Jesus Among Secular Gods, so that we can have a place for discussing the random things we wonder about along the way. I have questions written in the margin of my book. As I reread sections, my questions say to me, “Please find an answer.” :slightly_smiling_face:

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