Resources: S3 E6 "Jesus Among Secular Gods Chapter 3 - Pt. 2"

Hi @Interested_In_Cover_to_Cover ,
This week we continue on with Chapter 3, “Scientism”, and we still have our great friend, @xandra with us. Here is the link to the episode:

While we don’t have any resources for this week, per special request, you can find my testimony here:

In this episode, we start at the subheading “The Universe is Knowable” and finish chapter 3. Next week we will pick up at the beginning of Chapter 4 and read up until "The Danger of Disagreement"

God Bless you all!


Since there are no resources, may I request one? @Shawn_Hart, have you ever shared your testimony in a message or podcast? I’d love to hear your whole story. Thanks for what you shared in this podcast. You reminded me that I need to be more aware of how God is orchestrating the details in my life.


thanks so much @Jennifer_Wilkinson. I am actually recording my testimony for the upcoming REFRESH conference. I will be sure to drop it in here at the end of July. Thanks for the suggestion and for sharing your thoughts. God continually amazes me in how he works out so many details in our lives.



Hey @Jennifer_Wilkinson! Just wanted to let you know that I have edited Shawn’s post above to include his testimony he recorded for REFRESH. Thanks for the special request; I hope it is an encouragement to you! :slight_smile:

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