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Resources: S3 E8 "Jesus Among Secular Gods Chapter 4 - Pt. 2

Hi @Interested_In_Cover_to_Cover ,
This week on the Cover to Cover Podcast we revisit Chapter 4 titled, “Pluralism”.

For this episode, we pick up at “Equal Value, The Danger of Disagreement” and read through the end of the chapter.

We mention Michael Ramsden and talk about his great teachings on the victimhood culture. Check out a talk on this topic by Michael here: Is There A Cure for Today’s Victim Culture?

Also mentioned are a couple of books you can check out below:

We also mention @Tom_Price and his helpful comments about different types of doubt. You can follow Tom on Instagram - @abetterhope and learn more about him here:

Join us next week as we begin to explore Chapter 5 on humanism!

Grace and peace,


Thank you sir for this

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