Responding to communal issue during covid-19 pandemic

This question is for Dr. Bala, how should we respond when we see the entire Muslim community is blamed due to the Nizamuddin conference issue, which is injustice? We know some are politicizing the issue and some are just trying spread the hate by blaming a particular community. Being a sincere Christian how can we handle such situation and answer to such confusion?


Hi Avinash,

Your question is not only a sensitive one but it is a very timely one.

As you yourself have indicated in the question you have raised that some are trying to ‘politicise the issue’ whereas ‘some are trying to spread hate’. In a country that is highly polarise by different ideologies and beliefs, I am not surprise to see people (with hidden agendas) try to take advantage of this crisis.

However, as followers of Christ the question for us is ‘how should we respond?’ Let me offer a few suggestions and they are as follows:

  1. We would do well to remember that people (irrespective of their beliefs) are all created in the very image of God. Hence, we are all equal. The Bible says, ‘for all have sin…’ and the offer for salvation is also for everyone through the person of Jesus Christ.
  2. Let us also not forget, that in this crisis, we are all equally vulnerable. We are all in need of help and support.
  3. Learning from the early Christians during the first century, we are told that in such crisis, it was the Christians (& not even Priest of other pagan religions) who have responded with courage, not even fearing for their lives.
  4. The question is, ‘why were they willing to help?’ Yes, some may argue that this was in response to the Christian mandate. True, but I also believe that they acted because they were no longer afraid of death because of Christ’s resurrection. This is in essence what the Christian privilege entails.
  5. Furthermore, I also believe (as I argued yesterday in my talk) that very often our theology as Christians begins and ends with ‘salvation’, thus leaving out the ‘origin’ as well as our ‘destiny or eternal life’. Our theology of the eternal life is very weak, so much so that when time of crisis comes, we inevitably argue that Christ will heal us or protect us from our diseases and if He doesn’t then our faith falls apart!
  6. Therefore, I believe that we should reach out (without violating the government orders) in what ever way we can, by speaking sensitively into the current crisis. Our focus should be creating ‘light’ rather ‘heat’. We should also try to build bridges and surely there would be opportunities for us to help them, pray for them and ultimately to share the gospel too.

Dear Dr. Bala,
Thank you very much for the meaningful 6 points. I have noted it.
Thanks again for taking time to respond.
I feel blessed.

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