Responding to Dr. Bart Ehrman


(Carson Weitnauer) #1

Hi friends, last night I attended a debate at Kennesaw State University between Dr. Michael Licona and Dr. Bart Ehrman. It was a fascinating conversation and an enjoyable evening - the hosts did an excellent, professional job.

I’d love your thoughts on the best scholars to consult in evaluating Dr. Ehrman’s claims.

To get us started, I’ve found this compilation of videos to be helpful:

(Dave Kenny) #2

What a treat! I imagine Dr. Licona was up to the task given his areas of research!

In regards to further scholarly input… hands down, Dr. Craig Evans

He has been an adjunct with RZIM in Canada and debated Dr. Ehrman more than once. In fact, there is an audio file from one of the previous Summer Schools in Canada entitled: “Why Bart Ehrman is wrong” given by Craig Evans himself… you might be able to coax the Canadian team into making that audio clip available for the forum