Responding to New Age beliefs

My boyfriend (who is 81) has been in what I believe to be a cult for the past 40 years. This is what he believes. How should I respond?
AS a species humans can only perceive a sliver of the whole ( or the Truth) . Holy Scripture as voluminous and true is yet a compilation of words which are limited in their ability to convey all that is GOD. All of GOD’S creation , whether human - animal -vegetable or mineral ; good , bad - for better or for worse is a tiny portion of HIS ray of creation . Whether animate or inanimate every being has a task to perform in the " world " chosen for it. Human’s have a unique role to play which is enabled by GOD’S Life force . OUr role is complex in keeping with the gifts and difficulties layed out for us as we play out our part in the Divine drama.

Since everything comes from GOD it could be understood that the Life Force is a manifestation of GOD and that all of creation carries His Being . From this humble perspective one could surmise that we do not live our lives but rather God’s creative Life Force - lives us.

Christ’s incarnation , teachings and death is the ultimate overarching example of Creation - uncompromising completion of a task - and return to His " creator".

We are not called to this level of sacrifice but we are charged with determining our fate by nurturing our miniscule Godliness with a spirit of gratitude as we are lived by Life.

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Hi Deborah!

Welcome to Connect! Thank you so much for courageously bringing your questions to this community. I can imagine discovering your boyfriend’s beliefs might have been hard to swallow.

You have done a great job at listening to His beliefs and being able to articulate them back. I’m sure he feels honored as a person that you would take the time to do that.

You ask how you might respond. Before we go through and find incoherencies in his worldview, are there any questions he is asking in particular?

The questions people ask often reveal what their heart is truly seeking and you might be able to present the gospel from an angle that speaks directly to his heart-need.

Rather than firing back with reasons his worldview is inconsistent with scripture, invite him into a conversation to go deeper. Is he open to exploring his (and your) beliefs further?

Ultimately, a biblical worldview hinges on what someone believes about Jesus. A starting place might be to share the gospel through your personal experience with Jesus. You might then be able to ask him about his beliefs about who Jesus is and why he came to die. You might also be able to talk about the authority of scripture and how much it is or isn’t a basis for what we believe.

Praying for you right now, Deborah. May the Holy Spirit guide the conversation with your boyfriend and put words in your mouth that will speak to his heart. May you know that your boyfriend’s salvation is not a burden you have to carry; you need only be courageously obedient with the moments you are given. May Jesus draw you both closer to Himself and be glorified in this process.

Please do not hesitate to come back with more questions as they arise.