Resurrected/Raptured Individuals

All resurrected/raptured individuals, I can see them as a new body. New body… what does it mean?

In new earth and heaven, resurrected/raptured individuals still have spirit, soul and body?

Lord Jesus resurrected body still pierced holes in His hand. Our new body still have physical scarred?

If our christian grandparents/parents dies of old age, still have a body of old age? If the fetus dies of abortions or babies dies, resurrected body still the same body?

How can we recognise them as grandparents/parents or fetus/babies in new earth and heaven?


@htdaniel this is a very important question. The best place in the bible to look for information into this is 1 Corinthians 15. ’
I highly recommend the book Surprised by Hope by N.T. Wright on the topic:

Let me attempt to answer your question from my understanding to date.

  1. We will have a new body. One that cannot die, get sick or have any of the influences of the fall in it.
  2. We will still be a triune being (spirit, soul and body), in the resurrection, still made in the image of a triune God (Father, Son, Spirit).
  3. Will we still have scars? I do not know, but going on Jesus’ example, it is possible, however, I have heard people speculate that he will be the only one with scars in heaven. No way to know for sure.
  4. I believe that anybody who dies in Christ will have a similar aged body, not old not a baby, however, this is just my opinion. No way to know for sure.
  5. No way to know for sure.
    Another good place to go to understand this is by following the teaching on the kingdom, through the bible. Here is an excellent series on the kingdom.
    Enjoy your journey through this fascinating topic :raised_hands:

Thanks Brian.