Resurrection hope and life’s [re]structure

Greetings to you in Christ,

During the commemoration and celebration of Resurrection, I wrote and shared this brief reflection regarding the fulfillment and aftermath of global COVID-19 safety mandates and widespread variable impact on individuals and families. For your reflection and, of course, insight:

At the provocation of a “small and weak” biological antagonist, we are awakened to the inescapable challenge by these giants of existential inquiry: who (or, what?) 1) has formed our perspective and understanding of reality? 2) has received the pinnacle throne of our lives? 3) is the source & object of our hope? 4) is the cause of our joy? 5) is the recipient & lender of our gratitude?

Christ is risen


Thank you for sharing this reflection Shaddi! I guess there could be many different answers to these questions, but of course none fit so well as “God”. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the comment, @gchop
The first half of your statement forms the intent I have for any reader to reflect over and contemplate the realistic and tangible answers; the second, forms the challenge to a believer to inspect the practical validity, or experiential relevance, of answers such as: God, the Resurrection, Love

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