Rev. Robert Winters

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Hello. I am a retired Pastor with too much time on my hands so I joined in your Discussions. I lived in Kansas and have a life time of studying the Bible. This is a good was of passing the time until the Lord returns.

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@Aleric, So glad to have an experienced pastor join the community! Welcome to Connect! Looking forward to your insights from your years of ministry and learning from them.

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(Scott Dockins) #3


Welcome, Brother!

The Connect community is no doubt enriched by your membership.

If you do not mind me asking; how long were you a Pastor before you retired?

(Robert Winters) #4

I have been a pastor since 1969 (about 48 years) I had a heart condition in 2017 and did not have the strength to adequately perform my pastoral duties especially the pulpit ministry. I have recovered significantly and preach on occasion when needed and lead Bible Studies regularly. I have taught most N. T. books and specialize in the Gospel of John, Romans, Daniel, O.T, time-line and History, the symbolism of the Tabernacle and Jewish sacred feasts.

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Welcome @Aleric, we can sure use your wisdom❤️

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