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What must be done to see true revival in America?


Hi @Josiah-Linzey, this is a great question. I feel that prayer is vital - prayer individually and corporately as the body of Christ. If you look at revivals of the past they were always preceded by a great deal of faithful prayer, sometimes over decades before anything happened.

I also think it’s important to understand what revival means and looks like, so that we are seeking God in the right way for the right thing.

The True Essence of Revival’ by CH Spurgeon addresses our desire for revival and where we should start. I’ve included the link to the full article below.

He first addresses what we must be doing regarding ourselves:

First, then, to OURSELVES. We should begin at home. We too often flog the church, when the whip should be laid on our own shoulders. …Let us, therefore, commence with ourselves, remembering that we are part of the church, and that our own want of revival is in some measure the cause of that want in the church at large.

Have we not too much forgotten Christ? Have we not lived too much without him? Have we not been contented with the world, instead of desiring Christ? Have we been, all of us, like that little ewe lamb that did drink out of the master’s cup, and feed from his table? Have we not rather been content to stray upon the mountains, feeding anywhere but at home? I fear many of the troubles of our heart spring from want of communion with Jesus.

Begin, then, by humbling yourself-giving up all hope of reviving yourself as a Christian, but beginning at once with firm prayer and earnest supplication to God: “O Lord, what I cannot do, do thou! O Lord, revive thy work!”

Then he turns his attention to the wider church:

The absence of sound doctrine is another proof of our want of revival. Do you know who are called Antinomians now, who are called “hypers,” who are laughed at, who are rejected as being unsound in the faith? Why, the men that once were the orthodox are now the heretics. We can turn back to the records of our Puritan fathers, to the articles of the Church of England, to the preaching of Whitefield, and we can say of that preaching, it is the very thing we love ; and the doctrines which were then uttered are—and we dare to say it everywhere—the very self-same doctrines that he proclaimed. But because we choose to proclaim them, we are thought singular and strange; and the reason is, because sound doctrine hath to a great degree ceased.

Given, the very man who has emptied your chapel; given, the selfsame person that brought your prayer-meeting low; God can make the chapel crowded, open the doors yet, and give thousands of souls to that very man. It is not a new man that is wanted; it is the life of God in him. Do not be crying out for something new; it will no more succeed, of itself than what you have. Cry, “O Lord, revive thy work!”


Wow, thanks for sharing. We need those reminders.


Thank you @artownsend for taking the time to post that answer. Sometimes with all the evil being public and emphasized, I find myself getting a little lost in what to do when it seems like the whole “ship” is sinking. It is refreshing to have my attention brought back to bringing our concerns, and desires to the One Who works in the hearts of men and is the only One Who can change the heart. And the work that we do, is in vain if it’s not of the Lord.