Reymond Marin

Say hello…Hello

Where are you from? I Am from Escondido, Ca

What led you to join Connect? I want to Learn more.

How do you hope to contribute?Learn More And share the Good News of Jesus Christ more effectively.


Hey Reymond! @Rmarin
So glad you’ve joined us!
This is a great place to learn - you’ll find it’s a very friendly community, and a safe space to ask the hard questions.
I’m always amazed at the many gifted people represented in Connect- some are so well-read, and have an ease at offering helpful responses and references to scripture, as well as others who have a heart to minister to the people behind the question.
It reminds me that God gives each one of us a unique purpose - and we can all be a part of His Story.

All that to say- enjoy your time engaging in this community!

Feel free to dive in with a question or create a topic as you feel led :blush:

(“Site Tutorials” is a great resource to check out in the Categories section- you’ll find it in the upper right 3 lines button)


Welcome to Connect, Reymond. It’s wonderful to hear of your hunger to know Christ more deeply. I hope you have the courage to ask the questions on your heart here, and I look forward to learning more from your posts. :slight_smile:


Welcome, Reymond. I am fascinated by your willingness to learn new things. Connect offers many possibilities. Many questions have been asked and different topics discussed. It is worthwhile to have a look. For example, this link is about Where do we start when we say sharing the gospel

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