Richard Downs


First post

Where are you from?
Dubuque Iowa

What led you to join Connect?
Love apologetics and have many questions
Want to help others

How do you hope to contribute?
I have some experience


Welcome to Connect, Richard. :slight_smile: It is great to hear of your desire to help others- there are so many questions here where we can study together, and I think you will find the questioners are quite grateful for your help. Looking forward to hearing your questions, too!


Hello @Trusel, welcome to connect :slightly_smiling_face: Your desire to help others is much appreciated :pray:t3: There are many of us here who could learn from your experience so please feel free to offer your thoughts and insight.


Hi Richard! We’re so glad that you’ve decided to join us. This is the place to be if you have lots of questions – I’m always amazed at the variety of perspectives from all around the world that make up Connect. What kind of experience do you have? I’d love to hear more! Welcome to Connect!


Hi Richard! @Trusel
So glad you’ve joined!
I hope you enjoy checking out the different forums and topics being discussed, and dive in as you feel led :slight_smile:

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Welcome aboard @Trusel. Love: “Want to help others” Thank you for coming alongside us. I look forward to reading your posts. God-bless you and your journey.

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I find the site difficult to use

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Finding content? Navigating categories? Searching topics? The more you use it the easier it becomes. But, check out About the Site Tutorials & Feedback category for some guidance. And, ask away. :slight_smile:

When I get the email and click on the link I have to log in each time.

I’m a believer and follower of Christ yet I have the hardest time with eternal punishment
I know God is a perfect judge I just can’t get my mind and feelings to stop wanting that to be different


Here is what I wrote.

So glad that you have those feelings. That is a hard concept. One of the great things about connect is being able to dive into topics that the Lord is directing you to discover. Consider @SeanO commentary on views of hell if you have some time.

May God Grant you understanding and continued care for those who maybe electing separation from their maker for so many bad reasons. Stay connected.

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Here is another link for some of the basic tutorial items that you may find helpful New User Guide: Overview


@Trusel Welcome to Connect! :slight_smile: I agree this is a difficult topic. My friend had an unbelieving Uncle pass away and was very bothered by this very issue. I went through some resources - a movie about the life of Edward Fudge (‘Hell and Mr. Fudge’) that you can find on Amazon as well as a book by Steve Gregg on three Christian views of how God ultimately handles in that have been common throughout Church history. I’ve linked threads with all those resources as well as Gregg’s book below. Christ grant you wisdom and peace :slight_smile:

The three views of how God handles sin ultimately are:

  1. Eternal torment - some form of eternal suffering or separation from God
  2. Conditionalism - those who reject God are judged and then cease to exist
  3. Universalism - sin is real, but all people will eventually be brought to repentance