Richard White


Where are you from? Florida, USA

What led you to join Connect? Long time listener of RZIM podcast(s). My favorites are Just Thinking and Ask Away. My faith was pretty shaken when I went off to college and RZIM helped me realize I wasn’t an idiot for believing in God and that science and faith are nowhere near being mutually exclusive.

How do you hope to contribute? Encourage my brothers and sisters in Christ to be effective witnesses in a world hostile to faith and particularly to Jesus. Learn to articulate my faith better.


@hbcudoc Hi Richard,

From one Florida resident to another: Welcome to Connect! So glad that the podcasts from the RZIM team have been a blessing to you and resourced you thinking over the years. I hope you will chime in on the #podcast-discussions category, since we have a regular section discussing our questions raised by the Ask Away podcast ft. @Vince_Vitale & @Jo_Vitale. Please feel welcome to post a question or respond to someone else’s. It is a great way for RZIM podcast listeners to get involved with the material on a new interactive level. Glad you have taken this step to join the unique learning community here on Connect. Again, Welcome!


Thanks Liz! I’ll definitely check out the podcast-discussions category. Vince and Jo are great and I’m sure there are some lively discussions based on their content.


Hi @hbcudoc3, welcome to connect! So grateful to hear that the Lord used RZIM to restore your faith. Just Thinking and Ask Away have been a huge blessing to me as well :slight_smile: It’s good to have you here and I look forward to reading some of your thoughts should you choose to engage in the conversations. Take care :pray:


Welcome aboard @hbcudoc3. Glad to have you with us here at connect. I am sure that you will enjoy this community. With your goal of encouragement this forum will be blessed by your interaction and your care. Thank you for coming alongside us to assist and to engage. God-bless you and your journey.

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Hi @hbcudoc3, great to have you join us here. I agree, it can be pretty tough to keep faith with a lot of well expressed contrary viewpoints out there. I’m so glad RZIM has helped you, and I hope that you continue to grow in your understanding of Gods truth here.


Welcome to Connect @hbcudoc3! Glad you are here!

@hbcudoc3 Nice to meet you!

Welcome! Get ready for the ride! :slightly_smiling_face: