Rino Beretta

Hello! I am Rino Beretta.

I am from Lima, Peru.

I want to learn more about apologetics


Hello @rinoberetta

Welcome to Connect. It is a privilege to have you join us.

I celebrate the work of Christ in your life. Do make out time to explore and engage the great resource here.

This is an amazing place to learn about Christian apologetics. Feel free to join the group that is of interest to you and join the conversation always.

Grace, Love and Joy
From Nigeria


Welcome aboard @rinoberetta. Great to have you connecting. What areas of ministry do you think you are most interested? The site is fabulous so participate as frequently as you are able. God-bless you and your journey.


Hello @rinoberetta, you’ve come to the right place to learn more :slightly_smiling_face: Ther are plenty of topics to browse through. If you have any questions you can do a search for related topics or start one of your own. I hope to see you engaging here offering your thoughts as well :pray:t3: